Tuesday, 22 December 2015

bourjois air matte foundation I review

in the past few months I've been having a bit of a foundation struggle. all the ones I have in my collection seem to be either too dark, too heavy, not have enough coverage or they don't last for the rest of the day. so a little stroll through Boots a few weeks ago saw me come across this new release from Bourjois and here is what I thought...

Bourjois have released six shades of their new foundation and naturally, being as pale as milk, I chose the lightest shade called ivory rose. Luckily, the shade suits me well but it does have quite a yellow undertone to it which is good for me but might not work for everyone so do have a thorough swatch session before you take it to the till!

What I like best about this foundation is its high coverage. When I apply it with my Real Techniques Sponge, the coverage is really high and you can easily apply more layers without the finish looking too heavy or thick. Although I find using a regular buffing brush still gives a nicely blended finish, it doesn't lend itself as much to building up the coverage as using a sponge brush does. Wearing time is also another plus point for this foundation and when I put this on in the mornings, I feel pretty confident it will still be there by the time I go to bed.

As a bit of makeup packaging obsessive, I really appreciate the sleek looking packaging Bourjois have chosen with the silver lid as well. It doesn't take up too much room in my makeup bag but equally, still looks good on the top of my dressing table.

 One of Bourjois' claims about their foundation is that it has a very light feel on your skin. I don't tend to find many foundations feel too thick on my skin and this one was no different. It feels nice and fresh and I like the fact that it's a non-comedogenic product so it shouldn't cause your skin to react badly.

 As well as this being a light weight foundation, it's also meant to have a matte finish which indeed it does. I know some people aren't big fans of the matte finish as it can make your skin look a little flat but I don't mind it personally and the finish of this base isn't too matte especially if you pop on some highlighter or a bit of a shimmery blush.

Luckily, I don't really have any bad things to say about this foundation. I've found a base that suits my skin tone, gives enough coverage without being too heavy and lasts pretty much all day whilst having a reasonable price tag. With this in mind, it's safe to say, I will be reaching for this stuff a lot over the Christmas period!

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

maybelline master redness primer I review

I have quite an odd attitude towards primers - mostly because I haven't ever really found one that does enough for my skin pre-foundation to make me really bother applying it everyday. But when I was on holiday and came across the Maybelline Master Prime for Blurring and Redness Control, (which is now available in the UK) I thought if this little tube can do the things it promises, it's well worth giving it a little go. Here's how I found it..

What really drew me to this primer was the fact that there were different coloured primers to address the things you want to correct so this green one is for cancelling out redness in your skin but there's also a peach toned version for illuminating and also a white one for smoothing out the surface of your skin. In this way, it's pretty easy to tell that Maybelline have attempted to dupe the much more expensive but highly raved about Smashbox primer range, sneaky Maybelline..

The formula of this primer is definitely not anything like the traditional silicone 'fill in your pores' texture that the Benefit Porefessional primer does, it's much more of a moisturiser like feeling on your skin which I know some people will really like if you're not a fan of that silicone feeling. And you need not worry that the green colour of this primer will make your skin appear grass like in colour, it just blends into the skin again very like a moisturiser would.

So does this primer actually blur redness on your skin? Well, yes but not dramatically. After I rub this into my cheeks where my skin tends to be particularly red, my skin is slightly less red and things do seem to look a little more neutral and even toned. Although the results aren't particularly striking, if you do have redness in your skin that you want to cover, then you may really like this.

Personally, if redness ahs always been something you want to cover then I'd say go for this but if you're looking for a primer more as a way of keeping you're makeup on for longer, this doesn't really seem to do much and my foundation lasted the same as it does with nothing underneath.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

autumnal clothing I wishlist

With less than a month to go before I start my first year of University, it's finally hi me that I really can't wear the same outfit everyday and I really need to pick up some new clothes before I leave! So before I hit the shops for a big pre-autumn/winter haul, I've selected a few of my favourite styles that I definitely want to pick up and here they are, hope you enjoy!

Boyfriend jeans are all over Instagram and Pinterest at the moment with all the fashion bloggers sporting a pair teamed with either trainers or lace fronted heels. I love the slouchy look of the jeans and this pair from Topshop look so comfortable for everyday wear combined with a plain t-shirt.

Staying on the denim theme, I also like the look of the 60's style denim mini skirts as a way of stopping myself from wearing jeans every single day. again, Topshop are on top form (what a pun..) with this denim number which also comes in black denim as well.

I often wonder what on earth I wore on my feet all the time before the whole casual trainer wear came into fashion. But my feet have certainty been enjoying this trend  as the New Balance 420 shoes I currently have are ridiculously comfortable. To add to my trainer collection, I've got my eyes on this pair of Nike Internationalist Trainers (which you can get from Urban Outfitters here) as their black colour mean they are easy to pair with any outfit.

This jumper from Zara is a really nice one to have as the weather gets colder for the Autumn. I really like the cut out details as it funs up a basic black jumper and is very well priced for Zara's good quality clothes.

Another one to track down is this basic sweatshirt also from Zara which would look really nice with the boyfriend jeans and a big coat and trainers for the colder months. The marl colour of the t-shirt is a nice change on an entirely black or grey top as well.

From the collage above, it's pretty easy to see that the majority of my wardrobe has a strong black, white or grey theme so I decided to pop this t-shirt dress from Monki into the equation to inject some much needed colour into this otherwise monochrome line-up. Now I do have to admit, this pick is not the most season appropriate although you could wear it with tights and boots but think of it as a potential holiday number. This dress with a pair of flip flops would look very at home for casual days out if you're planning on escaping the English winter this year to somewhere with much less rain!

What's on your shopping list at the moment?

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

budget hair products to avoid

Having frizzy, big and untameable hair means I spend rather a large proportion of my life wondering down the aisles of Boots looking for a miracle product that will solve all of my hair woes, it's fair to say that I have been disappointed quite a few times! So today I thought I'd write about three products that I've tried to tame my tresses but have just left me, feeling a little disappointed...

After a quick scroll though the results of a 'beach waves' search on Pinterest, I was determined to somehow achieve the look so I bought a bottle of the Schwarzkopf Beach Matte Salt Spray thinking a couple of spritzes would bring out the inner Blake Lively in my hair. Unfortunately though my hopes were scarpered as I found this spray, although it smelt very nice, made my hair feel really sticky and dirty when I used it. Naturally, my hair is pretty wavy so I did kind of like the way that this spray made my curls look a little more defined but for me, the way my hair felt with this on and how the spray seemed to dry out my hair making it feel pretty crunchy, I really didn't feel like using it again. If like me, you've also found yourself googling how to create those oh so Instagram-able waves, the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray is a much nicer option than this Schwarzkopf option as it feels a lot lighter in texture and doesn't seem to dry my hair out as much as the latter does!

Very sorry Schwarzkopf but, I'm afraid my next disappointing product is another from the brand, the Mind Blowing Xpress Styling Spray. This spray, like the last also has that same cute but slightly gimmicky packaging that always I'm afraid to say, gives me the feeling that the product won't do much for my hair. The styling spray claims to be a heat protectant as well as detangling and conditioning your hair and also helping to speed up blow dries as well, some big claims there.. Whilst the pink and blue colours of the bottle look pretty cute on my dressing table, I'm not as fond of this product as I am of the packaging. When I spritz this on my wet hair pre-blow dry, my hair feels really weighted down with product even if you only do a few pumps and this seems to translate into your post- blow dry hair looking just a bit dull and with no shine or sign that you've just washed your locks. Although it's really hard to say whether this spray does any heat protecting, it doesn't really seem to do much for how long it takes to dry my hair and even with a few spritzes of this, I'm still there for my usual 10 minute arm workout so unfortunately, I won't be recommending this spray anytime soon.

Although I was a pretty big fan of the hair recovery oil that John Freida had in it's frizz ease range as a way of keeping your hair feeling soft and shiny, I have to admit I wasn't loving their Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Semi Permanent Styling Spray. This spray basically claims to keep your straightened hair straight for up to 3 days and as someone that straightens their hair every three or four days, the idea of not having to get out the GHD's quite so often was very appealing. In reality though, I didn't find this spray did much at all to keeping my hair straight even though it didn't make my hair feel dry or crispy like others I've tried have. However, perhaps if you have very curly hair, this spray may be more effective as although my hair is pretty wavy, I think that the effect of this would be stronger and you may actually end up liking this so I wouldn't entirely dismiss this product!

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l'oreal telescopic mascara I review

Having a scroll through back the dusty archives of my blog, I saw that it had been an entire two and a half years since I had last noted down my love for the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara. So having finally got my hands on another tube full whilst on holiday in Canada, I felt it was time to give you an updated, let's say 2.0 version of the reasons why this mascara just beats the rest..

My main love with this mascara is the wand, oh the wand.. It's long, thin and unlike nearly every other mascara out there, it's not double the size of my eye! This 10/10 wands means that you can actually muster up some clump and smudge-free length to your lashes even without having to dig around your makeup bag to do an emergency mid-mascara lash curl cause that big ol' brush is just flinging mascara everywhere - not to worry, we've all been there.. I have to warn you though, if you love a good bit of thickness and volume in your lashes, the Telescopic may not be the mascara for you as although, it gives off fluttery and long lashes in abundance, thickness is not the strong suit here so I'd say it's probably one to avoid in that case.

Now it's not only the brush that's making me swoon for this stuff, the formula is pretty tip top too. It seems to hold the length and curl that the mascara gives you whilst not flaking or fall flat for the day ahead. And when it comes to the end of the day, it also poses no problems removal-wise. A quick swipe of the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad and the job's a good-un!

On a much more sad note, this mascara has very sadly disappeared from the UK drugstore shelves so iuf I've managed to convince you how good this stuff is or, you never needed any convincing and were already a huge fan, the best places to pick up this cult beauty product appears to be on Amazon which you can find here.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The £16 Going Out Heels!

As a self confessed PJ-lover, its not often I venture out after 10pm but today is a little bit different as I'm actually going out, out- shocker! Anyway, the thought of a night out obviously brought on the usual 'I have no clothes- what on earth do I wear' dilemma so I ended up in Primark with a new top and a new pair of heels which I've kind of fallen in love with..

From scrolling through the instagrams of all the Kardashians, I've really wanted to get a pair of the lace-up heels they love to wear but I wasn't really feeling like splurging for the pairs that Office do so when I saw these in Primark for just £26, I knew I just had to nab them straight away. From the front, you can just see the lace up details which I love the look of and the suede-esque material they are made of makes them look a lot more expensive. Then from the back, they have a cut out at the heel in a sort of sandal style meaning that you could definitely make them look more casual maybe with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

I've bought some heels before from Primark and have noticed that they last really well so I've got high hopes for this pair that they'll be my shoes of choice for a long time to come!

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Currently Loving #1

I've wanted to get back to doing some form of favourites post for a long time but I always felt like monthly favourites were a  bit laboured and were more of a 'grab whatever's on top of my makeup draw' than a true idea of what I've really been loving. So I've settled on the idea of a 'Currently Loving' series and here is the first one, enjoy!

I don't often go for eyeshadow day to day but recently, I've really liked using my long-term fave, the Naked Basics Palette. The shade 'WOS' - a matte peach, looks really nice swept across the lid on a fluffy brush with a little 'Naked 2' (a matte grey toned brown) swept into the crease. These two shades combined isn't anything too fancy or dramatic, it just adds a little everyday depth to your eyes with minimal effect involved - my kind of style..

Next, it's the turn of the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara which I think may be my absolute favourite mascara of all time and that's not a title I like to beat around! The Telescopic unlike lots of the other mascaras available from the drugstore has a really thin and long wand which allows you to make your lashes look a lot longer and darker. The thinner size of the brush also makes it really good for use on your bottom lashes which I cannot do with a regular, fatter brush as I seem to just get mascara everywhere! The only thing is that this mascara has actually been discontinued int he UK so I had to wait till I was in North America to pick another tube up so if you're ever across the pond, make sure o give it a go!

The Max Factor Creme Puff Blushers have had quite a few mentions on my blog recently but they really are worth it! These marbled and baked blushers give a really nice colour to the cheeks and also a very subtle highlight to your cheekbones - definitely one to have a swatch of!

My final favourite to share today is one of the Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition Lipsticks in the shade Don't Pink of It! I really like all three of the shades that I got from the range but this mauve toned nude shade I'd say is one of my favourites! This colour seems to match my natural lip colour perfectly meaning that this is a really good one for me to use as a natural everyday lip option. I've done a longer review of this range on my previous post if you liked to hear more formula and finish themed chat!

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