Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bargain of the Week! Essie Polishes Reduced

Bargain of the Week!
I really like when people's blogs have a weekly feature like missbudgetbeauty's face mask Friday or fleurdeforce's fragrance friday so I decided seeing as this is 'Beauty and the BUDGET', I'm going to find a bargainous beauty product that is reduced or on sale that week and share it with you guys! (I hope I can keep this up!)
So, this weeks bargain is some of Essie's Bikini So Teeny and Spring 2012 Collection for only £1.99 each on fragrance direct! There are six colours available for this price, all from fragrance direct.
They include:
1. Bikini So Teeny - A sparkling cornflower blue
2. Navigate Her - A light green colour (reviewed here)
3. Tour de Finance - A bright pink
4. Orange It's Obvious - A bright summer orange
5. Action - A light orange neon
6. Fear & Desire - A bright orange crush
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For my new years resolution, I am not going to buy any nail polish for a month as my collection is of an ample size. (45+) Well done, fragrance direct, bring out a bargain just when I'm not buying any nail polish. But if you're not restricting your nail polish collection then, go for it!
My favourites that I would definitely purchase would be Bikini so Teeny and orange it's obvious but I'm not too keen on Action thought. A bit too yellow for me!
This just goes to show, never buy full price Essie polishes at £7.99 when you can get them for £1.99 here
Beauty and the Budget

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