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Christmas Nails - Red and Green Candy Canes

Christmas Nails - Red and Green candy canes
I really like this nail look. It's a fun take on the classic Christmas nail choices. On my left hand, my ring finger is green with a candy cane with red stripes and my other fingers are a red colour. And, on my right hand, my ring finger is red and has a candy can with green stripes on and my other nails are a sparkly green.
These festive nails aren't too hard to do if you follow the tutorial below!
How to get these festive nails:
Step 1: Apply a red nail polish to every finger on your left hand except the ring finger. Do another coat if required once the first coat is dry. I used Mavala in Roccoco Red for a classic festive red.
Step 2: Paint your left ring finger with a green polish. I used Collection 2000 in Green with Envy (which has a great formula and colour!)
Step 3: When the green colour is dry, take a thin brush and dip it into a white polish and three quarters down your nail start painting a white line and curve the line to the left when your are a quarter of the way from the tip of your nail. Go over it again until the line is thick enough for you. I used Miss Sporty in Xtra White Effect.
Step 4: And when this is dry, wipe the same brush off on some kitchen paper and then dip into the same red colour and do some stripes along the white line. I found four was enough.
Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 again on the other hand only this time painting your 4 fingers green instead of red and your ring finger red. When this is dry, simply draw onto your ring finger with the nail brush the candy cane shape and when this is dry, simply draw the stripes on in green this time.
Step 6: Once you have finished all the nails and they are dry, apply a base coat of your choice especially on your ring finger as the candy cane may chip quickly and you're finished!
  You can purchase the green I used here, the red I used here but the white I used I could not find on the Internet.
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