Sunday, 23 December 2012

My 5 Favourite Beauty Bloggers/Youtubers

My 5 Favourite Beauty Bloggers/Youtubers
I'm not sure what it is but some blogs I find I don't particularly enjoy  reading but others, I hit the subscribe button straight away! I started reading blogs from heating beauty guru's on youtube referring people to their blogs. Then, before I want to purchase a product, I always google it to see what other people think of it. And after doing this for a while, I became really motivated to start my own and hear I am today. Today, I want to tell you about some of the beauty blogs that I love to read and subscribe too. There aren't too many that I read regularly but those I do, I love!
1. Miss Budget Beauty - UK beauty and lifestyle blogger
I love reading Khila's posts because I find she's a really down to earth person who I think Lots of women can relate to. Like most of us, she cannot afford to go out and spend £30 on a bronzer. And she also talks about products that are really worth the hefty price tag. And, I also love watching her Youtube videos. As they pop up in my subscription box, I drop what I'm doing and watch it straight away. And her vlog channel is really good as well. It's nice to see her enjoying family life! She isn't the biggest blogger out there but she gives honest views which is really important and I think she'll get even more popular because of that.
2. Fleurdeforce - Beauty Blogger
I also love reading Fleur's blog and watching her youtube channels as she seems a really nice person and she has tried a lot of products! So you can really trust her opinion. Although some of the products she uses are a little out of my price range, I really like to see what products are out their in that price range!
3. Tanya Burr - Beauty and lifestyle Blogger
Tanya is one of the sweetest people on Youtube and I love to watch her videos as well on Youtube and read her blog! Unlike many guru's on YT, she is an actual make up artist and is really very talented. She's done some beautiful looks on YT and you can see her favourite products now on her blog. And her boyfriend Jim does YT as well. He is currently doing vlogmas which I watch every day and is absolutely hilarious!
4. Sprinkle of Glitter - Beauty, Lifestyle and Baby Blogger
Louise is such a funny, friendly person and her blog is really interesting to read as well as being hilarious at the same time! She uses a really good mixture of high street products and high end as well and like missbudgetbeauty, she always gives an honest review!
5. Pixiwoo - Beauty Blogger
I can't say that I read the Pixiwoo blog everytime they have a new post. I generally look at their website to see what products are out there at the moment and to see the latest trends. They are really very good at make up and they know what they're doing! Also, some of there more unique looks that they do can be really fun to watch and you van pick up some good tips from reading their blog and watching their videos and I really want to try the real techniques brushes that they have as everyone on YT seems to have them!

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