Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nails of the Day - Accesorize Nail Polish in Pink Punch

Nails of the Day - Accessorize Nail Polish in Pink Punch
If you have read my top 7 nail picks then you will know that I really love this polish. It's the most beautiful colour and formula and is my favourite nail polish of the moment!

It's a polish that changes colour in the light with hints of gold and red with lots of sparkle in as well. It always reminds me of Cinnamon for some strange reason, Cinnamon and the sunset (not usually 2 things that come together)
And the formula is lovely as well. 2 coats and you're finished. And they don't take long to dry either so you don't spend about 10 minutes giving yourself the perfect manicure which lasts long and then think there dry and touch them and then make a big lump on them in some way!That is just the most annoying thing!
I couldn't find this polish on the website but it may hopefully be in stores if you love it like me! I got it for only £4
Beauty and the Budget

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