Monday, 10 December 2012

Nails of the Day- Essie in Navigate Her

This Essie polish was part of the three polishes that I got from xtra's a while ago (reviews of the other two to come) after hearing missbudgetbeauty talking about the great deal that she got on there I got three essie polishes from the spring collection for £2.99 rather than £7.99. They don't have anymore of the spring collection left but they do have a metallics range of Essie polishes out for just  3.99 which I may have to try..

So after that mini ramble, navigate her is a really pretty pistachio green colour perfect for adding a pop of colour to your look.
I found I needed 3 coats of this polish as the first few layer were a little on the streaky side but 3 coats should get you the bottle colour.
As with all of the Essie polishes, the brush is just the best. 2 strokes of this whopper of a brush and your nail gets an even coat of polish. However, if you have shorter or smaller nails, the large brush might leave your manicure not looking great. This polish lasted a couple of days without chipping. Good but not amazing.
Just had a look and unfortunately they have run out of stock of this colour but they do have some mirror metallics here.
beauty and the budget

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