Thursday, 24 January 2013

All Used Up #2

All Used Up #2
This is the second in my All Used Up series and is proving to be popular with you guys so as long as I am using products up, I will continue this series!
Montagne Jeunesse Strawberries and Cream Face Mask
I really enjoyed using this mask and have already reviewed this here. After applying this all over my face and leaving on for a good hour, this made my skin feel ofter and helped calm any mammoth breakouts!

Huggies Natural Baby Wipes
If you're wondering, no I don't have a baby but I use these wipes everyday to remove my eye makeup and roughly remove my face makeup before I wash my face. They remove makeup really well and can also be used to correct mistakes in your eye makeup like smudged eyeliner. For me, these are a necessity and I have the next pack of these already in use!

Primark Argan Hair Treatment Oil
I have reviewed this here. I liked this hair oil as it was good at controlling frizz and fly aways and made my hair feel a lot softer and shinier but if you applied too much of this, it made your hair feel a bit greasy. I compared this here to the classic Moroccan oil which this is obviously intended to copy but I'm afraid this doesn't cut it but is a nice, cheaper alternative.

Impulse Romantic Spark Body Spray
I can't even remember when I got this, might of been in a set or something. This was ok, not great. The smell was quite nice but it didn't last very long. This was a just a mini but I seem to have so many Impulses just lying about in my bathroom that need to be used up.

Superdrug Deep Action Shine Control Moisturiser
I actually really really love this! It's such an unexpectedly good moisturiser. Who would of thought that a Superdrug own brand moisturiser would be any good but it is! This moisturised my skin really nicely and prevented any nasty dry patches! If I didn't want to try any other moisturisers, then I would just stick to this but raves about the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser so i may just have to try that! If you have any moisturiser recommendations, leave them in the comments below as I am now in need of a new moisturiser!
Clearasil Deep Action Cleansing Pads
Like the moisturiser above, I really liked these. When these ran out was when I noticed how much of a good job they were doing. Since I ran out, my skin has been suffering with more and more breakouts unlike when I was using these and I suffered with minimal breakouts. I really liked these as well and may repurchase!
Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation
This is my first ever foundation that I have run out of (very proud of that!) and I did like this but I have been suffering with worse breakouts recently and my skin just needs that extra bit of coverage recently and this just does not make the cut! Also, without a primer, the wear time of this is not great either. I have done a review here!
That's all my used up products that I have used up which gives me a good excuse to go and buy more which I will be doing when I go to London on Sunday! WOOP! :)
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  1. Wow, I didn't realise that Primark made their own Argan Oil?! MUST find this!!

    Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)

    Ashleigh x

    1. I checked last weekend and they still have it!! Thanks for following, will follow you back :) x

  2. I so wish that we had Primark here in Australia!!!

    I have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you will enter;

    1. Primark is a great store, a bit hit and miss but they're so cheap!! I entered your giveaway, very generous of you! x

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