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I Love Drugstore Makeup!

I Love Drugstore Makeup!
I was reading through Fisi's blog and I came across the I heart drugstore makeup tag and seeing as I am a 'budget' blogger, I thought this would be rather suitable for me so here it is!
1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Hmmm... I'm not too sure about this one, there are so many lovely brands, some cheaper and some more expensive. But I do love MUA, Maybelline, Rimmel, 17 and Collection 2000!
2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?

For face I think it would have to be the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foudation because for a drugstore foundation, this literally lasts all day and provides a really nice coverage. For cheeks, I'm loving the MUA cream blusher in Bittersweet and also I really like the 17 instant glow bronzer although at first , I didn't like this, I think it may of just been that I was applying this wrong. And for lips, it would have to be a really basic product, Vaseline Rosy lips. It's super moisturising and provides a lovely red tint to the lips which is what I like to wear everyday! And for a bold lip, I'd say 17's lipgloss in very berry.
3. Your least favourite drugstore product
As much as I love MUA, there products can be very hit and miss like I love their cream blushes but their liquid eyeliner is teribble. It lasts for about 10 minutes and then when it drys, it crumbles into pieces. And the applicator is awful aswell, it's too small and leaves a gap between your lashes and the liner. Another product that is not good at all is the Barry M Kohl Pencil liner in Blue. I don't like it because it translates nicely onto your hand when you swatch it but if you try to apply it to your water line, there is no colour pay off and it's really scratchy as well.
4. What is my best makeup bargain?

I hate to repeat myself but I couldn't think of any other bargains other than my Essie polishes for £2.99 on The polishes are from old lines but it's not like nail polishes go colour from colour so these are a good bargain seeing as Boots sell essie for £7.99 a pop!
5. What is your favourite underdog product?

I really didn't know what to put for this question so I think this would have to be a skincare item which would be the montagne jeunnese face masks. Just because they are one use products, nobody seems to talk about them but I really like them and they make my skin much better.
6. What is the most overpriced drugstore product?
I think revlon as a drugstore brand is really overpriced. At £11.99 for their colourstay foundation and £7.99 for their lip butters, I can't really afford to buy a revlon product without hearing  a lot of hype about it as if I don't like it, it's quite a bit of money down the drain! I also think the Famous by Sue Moxley Line is too overpriced as well in superdrug as they are quite a new brand and I have tried some of their products and have not been that impressed.
7. Your drugstore makeup dupe

This would have to be the MUA Undressed Pallete which is a dupe for the Urban Decay NAked Pallete original. I don't have the naked palette but I have seen the swatches from both palettes together and they are so similiar! Also, the 17 instant glow medium bronzer, I have seen that it is really similiar to Nars' Laguna Beach and a lot cheaper.
8. Drugstore Product that isn't worth the hype

There was a bit of hype around these products but not too much. It's the MUA lipboom's. The formula of them is nice and I like that they are such all in one products with a lipstick and lipgloss. But what leats the range down is the colour selection. The colour I have is OMG which after swatching the rest of the colours is the only one I could find that suited me. The other colours are too bright and don't compliment my complexion which is a shame as they are really lovely products.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag you ALL to do it if you have a blog, pop the links below and I will check them out!

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  1. Great post lovely. Revlon in my opinion is over priced here in Canada too, around $20 for foundation its too bad cause they make some really good products:)

    Sara x

    1. I feel bad for you! $20 dollars for foundation is ridiculous but it's still about 11.99 over here!Yeh they do make some lovely products thought like the lip butters which I really want to try! xx

  2. Aw thanks for linking me lovely! :) Really enjoyed reading your post, the Essie polishes you got look gorgeous! I also have a Montagne Jeunesse mask lying around here somewhere which I'm yet to try, excited for this now :) xxx

    1. That's alright, loved your version of this tag! I do love those Essie polishes and they were a real bargain! You should try a MJ face mask again as they are really cheap and do work :) xx

  3. Thanks for the tip on cheap Essie polishes :) x

    1. That's alirhgt, just recently they have brought out more colours!! I'd never buy the RRP for essie polshes! x

  4. Great review :)

    love char_beyy xxx

  5. Hiya,
    I also love MUA products, but as you said, some can be hit and miss like their concealers.
    millie x

    1. yes, I agree but you can get some lovely products as well! :)