Friday, 25 January 2013

Nail Tutorial - Snow Inspired Nails

Nail Tutorial - Snow Inspired Nails
This post goes up just a few days too late as the snow around me is starting to thaw but oh well, always time for a little nail art! Today I have a little snow inspired nail art. May I just point out that I am not a professional and I am aware that my skills are how would you say.. limited! But still, here's my attempt!
This is what I used for this look:
Miss Sporty Et Voila! Nail Tip Whitener (may be in store)
Barry M Nail Paint in Navy (here)
Miss Sporty Gold Glitter Nail Polish (may be in store)
An Old CD
An old sponge applicator
Step 1: First of all, you want to apply 2 coats of your white nail polish so that your nails are fully covered as this colour will act as your base coat. A good white nail polish can be hard to find but I really liked this one although it's meant to be a tip whitener for French manicures)
Step 2:  Next you want to take your navy blue colour and an old CD or any old surface that you don't mind getting dirty and using your nail polish brush, swipe onto the CD a blob of the nail colour.
Step 3: Then, you want to dab gently your sponge applicator into the blue polish and dab it on the CD again to remove a lot of the polish. Once you have a small amount on the brush, dab this all over three quarters of your nail more gently at the bottom of the nail and less towards the tip.

Step 4: Wait for this to completely dry and then take your gold colour and once again, dab a bit onto the CD and take the other side of your brush, dabbing off the excess and applying to the top quarter of your nail to get a gentle gold shimmer and once this has dried, you're all done!
If you do nail art, send me your links as I would to get some inspiration!
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