Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review - 17 Instant Glow Bronzer in Medium

Review - 17 Instant Glow Bronzer in Medium
i have a bronzer to share with you guys today. The 17 instant glow medium wash off bronzing powder to be more precise!
I got this from boots a while ago. It's a matte bronzer that has absolutely no shimmer at all. I have looked at other reviews of this and everybody loves it. It's a good bronzer but I certainwetly don't love it!
I use this with a powder brush and it applies a good amount onto the brush. I then suck in my cheeks and look like a fish and run this along my cheek bones. What's left on the brush, I run throught my forehead and anywhere else that the sun naturally hits my face and it does contour my face nicely and leaves me looking a little more tanned.
The key to this bronzer is a light hand. Apply too much and your'e going to acheive the streaky orange look but it applied gently, it can give you a bit of a sunkissed glow.
The lasting power isn't too good either. It lasts a couple of hours and then the sunkissed look is gone. 
I think that if you have a very light hand, you can get a nice glow with this but if like me, your like a bull in a china shopthen steer away from this as you're going to end up in streaksville! But even if you do have a light hand, it's still just a bit orangey.
I haven't tried many bronzers. Anybody know any good ones from the drugstore?
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