Saturday, 26 January 2013

Review - Famous Baked Bronzer in Miami

Review - Famous Baked Bronzer in Miami

This is one Famous product that does seem to get talked and blogged about.
This is a baked bronzer in the shade Miami. It comes in a twist up jar with a mirrored outer surface which does get really dirty and scratched and then there is a mirror in the bottom of the lid as well which is a nice touch. I like the packaging because it's nice and sturdy and as it's a twist up top, the hinges won't break as they usually do. In a little platic stopper, there is a half moon brush which I wouldn't use, I'd use my own powder brush but it's a nice thing to have if you don't have the space to take another brush as well. The brush isn't great quality as is not very soft either, a bit scratchy.
In terms of the actual product it's a cream champagne colour with shimmer which for me or any complexion no matter how light I think is too light to use as a bronzer. It's the lightest shade they do but I did not choose it, it was a free gift with an MUA order. I would only ever use this as a highlighter.

I pop this on a small fluffy brush onto the tops of my cheek and brow bones to exentuate them. I wouldn't say this is my favourite product to use as I find that it's not a particulary nice colour for a highlighter and the colour pay off is not great.
Overall, this is a nice little product but it's just too light to use as a bronzer and a little too yellowy to use as a highlight. I wouldn't really recommend this as I find a shimmery champagne eyeshadow would do a much better job and you may have one in an eyeshadow pallete.
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  1. This is lovely! I love baked pots as you get such great colour, especially when mixed with water :D
    Beautiful blog btw - am now following!
    Would love a follow back if you have time :D

    1. I never thought of mixing them with water, thanks for the tip! I have followed your blog, your cats are SOOOO cute! thanks for the follow! x