Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review - Famous Lip Addict in Pillow Talk

Review- Famous Lip Addict in Pillow Talk
As you may know from previous posts, this was a freebie I got from my MUA order. It's from the Famous by Sue Moxley Collection which I find is rarely blogged about so here is my view on this lipstick!

This is a 3 in 1 product. It has a mirror which you cannot see anything in, a lipstick and a lip balm in a similiar shade to the lipstick. The colour of the lipsstick pinky orangey coral that translates slightly more orangey onto the lips and the lip balm is a slightly more coral toned down version of the lipstick. I have to admit that this is quite a bright colour and I would not wear this on a day to day basis. It's niot my favourite colour either and doesn't compliment my skin tone that well. It might look a bit nicer on a darker skin tone than mine.

The packaging for this is nice and sturdy with a lip balm hidden in the top of the cap with the useless mirrior. But I'm pretty ahppy that I could take this travelling and not have an orange makeup bag when I got to my destination!

The formula of the lip balm is quite nice. It actually gives off quite a good colour pay off which is suprising for a balm but it isn't a moisturising balm at all. The lasting power for the balm is nice as it's not too balmy so it does't just sink in.
lip balm - bottom lipstick - right
And the key part of this review, the formula of this lipstick. When you apply this, it feels really nice and moisturisng but if you have dry lips, the lipstick does tend to sink into the cracks which does put me off a bit. And the lasting power is ok. You can get about an hour of wear out of this but it does tend to wear off in the centre and leave you with a line around your lips so you'll want to keep a mirror with you when applying this.
Overall, I do like how soft and moisturising this is when you apply it and the packaging is nice and sturdy but I don't really like the colour on me but I think that if they did this in another colour that I liked, I would like these.
I have tried this lipstick in the shade raw (review here) and found the colour was not right for me either. Maybe as this was a freebie, I got the colours no one liked!
You can but this lipstick here  reduced to £2.49

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