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Review - Famous Lip Addict in Raw

Review - Famous Lip Addict in Raw
Hi Everyone! So this is the first of the reviews of the MUA and Famous products that I got. I got this free with my MUA order. I think MUA and Famous might be owned by the same people or something but this is the Famous Lip Addict in Raw.

This comes with a mirror, lip balm and lipstick and they're all hidden away in sturdy, black packaging. You get to the lipstick in the conventional way but at the top of the packaging, you open the tiny compartment to reveal the smallest and blurriest mirror in the world and a little lip balm.

The formula of the lip balm is quite good. It's almost the same colour of the lipstick itself which I will come onto in a minute. The lip balm is not very moisturising and the colour is too strong to be used in a lip balm as it doesn't give a full or neat coverage which you need if you're going to be wearing a bold lip. Also, I find that the flip up compartment is too small to house a lip balm so you can't easily get lots of balm on your finger tip which is just a bit annoying so no rave reviews for the lip balm!

Balm on top and Lipstick on Bottom
The lipstick formula however, is nice. It really hydrates the lips and leaves them looking glossy so not much need to purchase a matching gloss. The lipstick is nicely pigmented but if you have cracked lips, you can sometimes find that this lipstick really shows off your cracked lips so make sure you use a good balm before applying this. The wear for this is about 2 hours, maybe 3 if you're not eating and drinking which is ok but you will have to top it up. When this does wear away after a couple of hours, it tends to highlight all the cracks in my lips so I'd suggest only wearing this if you have time to keep on touching up or apply then blot out and then reapply when you apply it for the first time. I have tried combining the lip balm and lipstick but this didn't really help wear time or to not show the cracks.

The colour of the lipstick is far too nude for me and I really dislike it. It looks as if I've just applied concealer all over my lips or on a person with lighter skin than me, it would look as if you have no lips! I think the colour is not nice at all. It's too nude and would only look nice on somebody with a very dark complexion. I do like to sometimes sport a nude lip but this is a bit too nude for me.
The idea of this is quite nice, an all in one product but in reality, the lip balm is just too small and too bolder colour for a balm, the mirror is just a tiny little blur and the lipstick is nice and moisturising but the colour is just too nude. A bit too raw! But I have one more to try in another colour and I think if I liked the colour and the balm was a bit more useful then these would be quite nice!

This lipstick is available here for £4.99
Beauty and the Budget

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