Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review - MUA Lip Balm in Sweet Kiss

Review - MUA Lip Balm in Sweet Kiss
I have been testing this out for a while now and I do like it. It's been in my handbag and I have been using it as a lip balm when my lips feel all horrible and chipped!

The packaging for this is nice. I like the jar and the twist up cap with the love hearts design on because sometimes the vaseline tins can be really ahrd to get into especially when you get vaselie on them.

The colour of this is lovely, a soft baby pink colour although it doesn't translate as well onto the lips looking a bit streaky which is a shame as I do like the colour. If any one knows if they do a lipstick in this shade, please let me know as I do really like this colour!
In terms of moisture, this is good, it leaves my lips feeling smooth and I think it is helping fight against the old cracks.
But this little balm does not stay around for long, only about an hour or two at the most which is a shame because the colour is nice and it is hydrating but I suppose it is only a lip balm.
I really want to try some new colours of this as I do like it and I don't really ever wear lipstick or gloss on a day to day basis so this is a really nice alternative and it's also caring for your lips.
This is a lovely little product and I would love to get all the colours as they would look delightful stacked up!
This lip balm is available here for £2
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  1. Ooh I love this! I've got the nude shade and it feels amazing on my lips, really want to get my hands on the other shades as well :) x

  2. oo am on the hunt for a new lip balm, my lips really need it especially in this weather! luv MUA, so affordable and nice, have to keep my eye out for this! x

    1. do, they are really very nice and perfect for this time of year! x