Thursday, 3 January 2013

Review - Rimmel Lasting Finishing 25 Hour Foundation in True Nude

Review - Rimmel Lasting Finishing 25 Hour Foundation in True Nude
So today I have a review of the Rimmel Lasting FInish 25 Hour Foundation in Sand Beige which I purchased on my quest to find the perfect foundation on a budget.
The packaging of this feels quite expensive with it's glass bottle and smooth to put on cap and pump. Packaging on a good product is like the icing on top of a cake for me, it just makes the product. The pump makes it more hygienic and just a bit cleaner and the cap stops foundation getting all the over the insides of your makeup bag.
So packaging ramble over, this is a very long lasting foundation but not 25 hours! (Not that I have stayed up for 25 hours to test it) and anyway who wants a foundation for 25 hours, not me! This is a pretty big claim for Rimmel and made me sceptical of the product when buying it I'd say if you applied this at about 8 in the morning, you wouldn't need a touching up till the evening which is pretty impressive for a drugstore foundation.
This foundation gives a medium coverage but you can build it up to a full coverage but this can make it go a bit cakey so I'd say just stick to the 1 layer with this foundation as it does stick well and doesn't transfer. 
I have normal to dry skin and I don't have to powder at all and if you have oily skin you may only need to powder once or twice as it does seem to hold back the oil.
When this is on your skin, it is meant to feel lightweight but I can't agree with this. You can feel it very much on your skin and you can feel that there is a layer of foundation on your skin. This might be to do with the foundation being so long lasting and transfer proof.
I believe they have 6 shades of this foundation which isn't very good so do test your colour thoroughly before you buy. My one is too dark for me now but I mix it in with Maybelline airfoam to get my perfect colour. I don't seem to be alone in finding this foundation too dark for me. Every other review I have read says that theirs was too dark for them which leads me to think that the foundation has orange undertones.
Overall, the lasting power for this was the main selling point and is very good for the price but it does feel heavy on the skin so I think this will be reserved for nights out rather than everyday!
Have you tried this foundation, if so, what did you think?
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