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Review - Sanctuary Body Wash, Scrub and Butter

Review - Sanctuary Body Wash, Scrub and Butter
Sanctuary is one of those products in the Boots skincare isle that I walk past without paying any attention to. So at Christmas time, I was happy to receive this gift set so that I could finally try some of there products.

In the nice little gift box, I received the Sanctuary Body Wash, Scrub and Butter and they are all minis I think but you can buy now the full sized products.
Sanctuary Body Wash - here
First up, the body wash. The packaging of the was fine, a little basic for a gift in a squeezy bottle you might say but anyway the actual wash has a orangey scent but nothing too overpowering. The formula is quite nice, it lathered well and got rid of some of the dirt on my body but the smell did not last long and it didn't really make me very clean so all in all a bit mehh..
Sanctuary Body Scrub - here
I also got the body scrub which again has an orangey scent and again the packaging was ok. This was in a non squeezy bottle which I find makes it hard to remove product from the bottle. The formula of this is really similar to the wash but with little particles in it that make it a scrub. But the little particles I found were scratchy and not exfoliating at all. This was a little refreshing but the smell didn't stay for long again. Not something I'd recommend again.

Sanctuary Body Butter - here
The body butter that I got was the best in the box but i can't say that it was very good anyway. The packaging was again basic but it was the best out of the three. The butter came in this nice little jar a bit like the body shop alternative. The smell was exactly the same and again didn't last very long. The formula of this isn't too thick, quite thin really. It makes my skin feel nice and soft for about an hour and then that's it. Not great either!

As you can probably guess, I wasn't really very happy with the products I used. They were ok. When I looked up the prices at Boots, I was shocked to find that their prices were around about the same as Soap and Glory which I think is far better quality!
What have your experiences with Sanctuary Products been like?
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