Monday, 28 January 2013

Review - W7 Brush Set

Review - W7 Brush Set
So today I have a review of the W7 Brush set that I bought off Amazon a little while ago. I bought this to stop myself from splashing out on the Real Techniques brushes that I still really want. To be honest, I was unsure about these when I ordered them as they were only £4.75 but I was wrong to doubt them. These are really very good and make an excellent starter kit!

The 12 brushes that are included in a black brush roll are:

L to R- Fan Brush, Small Powder, Large Powder, Eyebrow Comb and Brush
L to R- Small Flat Shader, Medium Flat Shader, Large Flat Shader, Sponge Applicator

L to R- Large Squared Liner Brush, Brow Spoole, Angled Liner Brush, Lip Brush

The brush roll makes the brushes easy to travel with as you can just pop them in there and the roll is still small with all the brushes in so can be squeezed in a suitcase.

The brushes are suprisingly soft and they all pick up a nice amount of producty and the best bit is that they DO NOT SHED which was my main concern when buying them. And the bristles feel very well secured to the actual brush so they wont fall out.

My only little nag would be that although the range of brushes is good, it does not include a foundation brush but has 2 powder brushes which for me is an essential for an all in one brush kit but I have a MUA Foundation Brush that I love (review to come) so that doesn't matter too much. And there is not a fluffy crease brush either which is a shame as there are 3 flat shader brushes but you can easily and cheaply pick up a foundation and crease brush or try the other brushes for those jobs!

my favourite brushes from the kit would have to be the angled liner brush which is incredible and you could purchase the kit just for that brush. It really is that good! It's stiff enough to get a precise line without being too stiff. I use it for my eyebrows and eyeliner on my waterline as you will know if you read my Millie Mackintosh makeup look here!

I think these brushes are definetly worth a try and for a young girl starting to get into makeup, they make a great set and for a mroe advanced person, the angled brush is definetly worth it!

The delivery of this was excellent and took 2 to 3 days so would make a good little present! 

You can purchase this here for  £4.75 and £2.49 delivery!

Beauty and the Budget

*I am not affiliated with the seller and I bought this with my own money.


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