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The Great Expectations Tag

The Great Expectations Tag
Hi Guys! I just watched Missbusdgetbeauty's version of this tag and thought I would do it as well so here we go!
1. A beauty bad habit to get rid of
Hmmm.. I wasn't sure about this one but then I thought remembering to wash my face EVERY night. At the moment, I'm using the neutrogena pink grapefruit daily scrub and I find that it's such a drag every morning to have to splash water on your face, rub the wash in, rinse it off, dry your skin! Eughhh... But I really should be bothered to do it so I can really give a fair trial of this product!
2. Beauty Secret to add this year
I suffer from really bad under eye circles but I don't think i'm old enought to start dabbling into 'anti-aeging' eye creams so I want to try out a caffeine enriched eye roll on just to try and wake up my eyes a little more.
3. Lat Year's Beauty Favourite
 Quite a tough question this one, I would probarbly say for this the MUA undressed palette! If your'e a regular reader you'll of seen this palette pop up in plenty of my tutorials. It's just such good value for money at £4 for 12 shadows and I think that this has all the essentials for lots of different nude eye looks.
4. Beauty or Body Goal for 2013
I'd say for me in 2013, I really want to find 'the' skincare product that will really work on my skin and get rid of blemishes. And I also really want to find a foundation that doesn't break me about but gives me that perfect skin look! (quite a big demand!)
5. Last Year's Biggest Fashion Mistake
For me, this would be wearing clothes especially jumpers that don't flatter my figure. I don't have any issues with my figure but I just feel that if I stopped wearing such looose clothes and more fitted it would compliment my shape more!
6. This Year's Fashion Trend Prediction
I'm no high fashion expert and predominantly stick to the high street for my clothes however I do love buuying clothes and planning outfit's so I'd say that in 2013, prints will be big once again and clashing different prints together will be in. Also, I think that as more and more trends are 'done', designers will have to become more and more bold to keep up with. Monochrome, pastels and less structured pieces i think will also be a hit for Spring.
7. This year's fashion must have
I think for me, this would be wearing more skirts and flowy numbers as I am a bit of a jean lover. So getting out of my jean habit and experimenting with maxi skirts and dresses.
8. Last Year's Happiest Moment/Biggest Acheivment
I think for me this would be just enjoying time with my friends and family and travelling to new places and meeting new people. Sorry about that sounding so cringey! : )
9. Last Year's Biggest Challenge
I didn't really face any particularly big challenges last year so I think it would probarbly be just keeping up with all my school work and making sure that I manage my time well!
10. This Year's Key Resolution
For me, this would be just to stick with blogging. I really enjoy just being able to switch on the laptop and rambling away to people about my latest beauty findings. It just allows me to be creative and it's my little area of the interent where my creativity can rub wild especially with photography which I really enjoy. I actually take all my photos on my Iphone but it's more about the background of the pictures that i enjoy like my What's in my makeup bag, I love how all the makeup was popping out! Also, blogging gives me a sense of acheivment. it means a lot to me when I get a new follower and it's lovely to know that somebody is interested in my blog and I really want to continue posting one post a day even if it does mean doing scheduled posts during busy times!
11. Any motto or advice for the year
"Be strong now, because things will get better; it might be stormy now... but it can't rain forever." This was a quoute I found on the internet when I was looking for one and I love it! Instead of being a somber quote, every time I read this, it just cheers me up and when something bad happens, always remember that it won't go on forever, time heals all wounds!
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