Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What's on my wishlist for this Week? #1

What's on my wishlist for this Week?
Reading this many beauty blogs means you end with a never ending wishlist of beauty products! I am going shopping at the weekend so from my never ending list, here are five that I really want to get!

1. Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean - After running out of my deep cleansing pads and nearing the end of my neutrogena face wash, this is the next cleanser on my wish list!

2. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - I've heard really good things about this foundation so I think I may just have to try it. Or I may go for the Rimmel Wake Me up INSTEAD. hmmmm... dilemna!
3. Soap and Glory Kohl Liner - I'm planning on doing a Best and Worst Drugstore series (comment below if you like the sound of that!) which will include kohl liners so I wan't to try this one before I can give you my best and worst!

4. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake - I want this for two reasons. A because I have not actually tried the butters yet and B because I want to do a tutorial of a Kate Moss look for the Dior Lip Addicts so again if you want to see that leave a comment below!


5. Bourjouis 1 Seconde Magic Nail Polish Remover - My reasoning behind this is i;m lazy and as a nail polish addict, my nails need all the care they can get and this is meant to be good for regular nail abusers!

That's all for today. If you have any requests or questions, leave a comment below as I love to read your comments!
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  1. Ooo I so want to try S&Gs Peaches n Clean! It's my fave brand ever and none of their products has ever let me down! :) Lovely blog hun, following you now xx

  2. Thanks for following :) I will do a review for you when I get it! xx

  3. I really recommend the fit me foundation, I bought it when it first came out and I really like it !
    I really want to try the soap and glory stuff, and I just got the kohl liner so I'm excited to try it too :)

    love your blog, I'm new to blogging so enjoyed reading some of your posts :) XXX

    1. I really want the fit me foundation now :) I've tried the S&G concealer and I love it but mine smashes. I can't wait to try the liner as well! Thanks for following, I appreciate every single follower! Will follow your blog aswell as I'm always looking for new blogs to read xx

  4. Great post. I have the lip butter in raspberry pie and its such a nice moisturising lip product :)

  5. Thanks, I'm really excited to try it next weekend :) love your blog by the way, new follower! xx