Sunday, 24 February 2013


It seems to be haul after haul at the moment, I hope you are enjoying my current shopping spree! This is my first asos order and I was so impressed! Like fleurdforce and most people seem to do, i ordered lots of things to reach the free next day delivery stage and then returned for free the items that I wasn't too keen on.
Mango Kate Chain Detail Boucle Jacket - £18.00 here
I was so suprised to see that this jacket was under £20 as to me, it looks much more expensive. I thought this would look lovely with my Primark white button up blouse and my  New Look Black Jeans and nude New Look Pumps. It has contrasting sleeve colours and gold trimming. I think this will be a good statement piece.
ASOS Petite T-Shirt with Pocket and Woven Hem - £22.00 here
I bought this because I was only a few pounds away from free next day delivery and it looked quite nice on the website but when it came and I tried it on, i didn't like it at all! It is a basic cream tee in the top bit but then flares out with this sheer material making it appear as if I was expecting a baby which is not a look that I want! The material felt nice and the colour was also nice as well.
ASOS Petite Exclusive Parka -  £65.00 here
I'm after a warm jacket for when it's cold outside and liked the militiary style of this one. But when I tried this on, it drowned me. I'm a size 8 so I got a size 8 but this jacket felt like a size 14. It didn't flatter my figure althought if it had been in the right size and fitted nicely, the wide lapels looked really nice. It was a really warm coat thought with a thick material that would keep you warm. It also felt really well made.
ASOS Lace Short With Scallop Edge - £12.50 here
I think these a shorts are quite a love or hate item. I personally really like them to wear with tights in the winter. They would look nice with tights and a white top with a short karki cardigain over the top and maybe a statement necklase. These fit me really well. They are high waisted and have a scalloped edge. I'm afraid these are sold out now but you can find some lace shorts in H&M if you are a fan!
All the clothes were in size 8. I took back the top and coat but you can expect to see the jacket and lace shorts in Outfit of the Days soon. If you would like to see more fashion posts, then leave a comment below!
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  1. This is a great idea I didn't know you could send things back for free! I think a shopping spree is in order... X