Thursday, 7 February 2013

Free Advertising on this Blog!

Free Advertising on this Blog!
I've just hit 2000 total page views on my blog which for some people might not seem a lot but for me, it's a big achievement and I am really grateful for all your page views, comments and follows!
You may have noticd that I have to the right of this text now added a button to my blog which you can copy and paste the text below it onto your blog so that you can have a link to my blog on your blog, if you catch my drift!
Anywho, do let me know by dropping me an email or leaving a comment below if you do because I would definetly be willing to display your buttons on my blog for free so that more people can see your blogs!
If you'd like to do a button swap as I believe it's called and you have a beauty/fashion blog, do leave a comment below as I would love to have your blog featured on my sideboard!
Beauty and the Budget


  1. Hiya, would you like to swap buttons with me? followed your blog a weekor so ago and love your posts :)

    Ashleigh x

    1. Yes, I'd love to swap buttons, thanks for following. My button link is just to the right and up a bit and where can I find yours? x

    2. Mine is on my page at :) It's above yours now ;) x

    3. Thanks, can you see yours here! Loving your blog btw :) x