Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lustful Luxury..

Lustful Luxury..
Every girl has a little list of things that are ridiculously expensive but she hopes that one day her prince charming will buy them up for her (well I know I do!) so here is my little list of things that I have been lusting after for years!
Chanel CC Earrings
These are just the most elegant earrings! I'm not really into huge dangly situations on the ears but these are just a smallish stud that makes any outfit more elegant and classy!
Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch
Every blogger seems to have this watch. It's a lovely timeless piece that would go really well with layered bracelets! I was actually having a little look arond Next and I saw a watch that looked so like this one for considerably less so I think for now, I might go for the Next dupe for now. If you know of any other dupes for this, do let me know in the comments below (Ohh! that rhymed)
Vintage Chanel Handbag
This for me is the ultimate handbag. i have admired it since I first saw it with Lauren Conrad on the Hills and have been in love with it ever since! When I ave my first proper job, I think I will start to save up for this!
I hope you have enjoyed this post as I know it 's not the usual thing you expect on here but it's nice to change things up now and again!
What items would you love to have?
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  1. I really love that watch too, oh and the bag! On my list you'd certainly find a mulberry handbag :)