Friday, 22 February 2013

Montagne Jeunnese Peel Off Passion Mask - Review

Montagne Jeunnese Peel Off Passion Mask - Review
You may remember when I did my last MJ review that I said I really wanted to try a MJ peel off mask and when I found this peeler in Primark for 90p, I was really excited to try it.
This has the classic MJ packaging which is fine except the sachet makes it hard to get to the product in the bottom. The small of this was beautiful as with all of them. It smelt of exotic fruit when I was applying it but it didn't stay for long. I applied it with my fingers all over my face and still had enough left for another application so I popped the rest in the fridge.
The formula of this mask is quite sticky but liquidy. It's red in colour and when applied it looks a bit like you have just had a serious allergic reaction so make sure you don't have any visitors when wearing this! This didn't drip at all so can be round round the house.
This took about 15 minutes for me to be able to peel it off and I was almost able to peel it off all in one which was really fun! it made my skin feel tight as if I'd had botox but it wasn't uncomfortable. Like my last MJ mask, this made my skin feel softer and very slightly reduced the size of my pores. The next few days, my skin felt in better condition and I didn't suffer so many breakouts!
I think this and the other MJ masks work. They give good results but not dramatic results. I really liked this one and it was really relaxing to wear. I poped on my little Primark Bear slippers and ate a bit of chocolate whilst watching TV so this would be good for a girly night in!
You can purchase this in primark for 90p or here for £1.09
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