Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Barry M Nail Polish Collection

My Barry M Nail Polish Collection

So as you probarbly know by now, Barry M are my favourite brand of nail polishes because they do lods of different colours, textures and styles. They seem to do every single nail trend that comes out with a much lower price tag from their gelly range to their new gritty textured polishes, Barry M are on the money. So I thought today I would show you my little Barry M nail polish collection. I have divided it up into different ranges that they do to make things a bit easier and I hope you enjoy this collection. I will link any nails of the day posts I have done with these so you can see swatches.
 Nail Paints by Barry M - £2.99 (here)

L to R - Navy, Mint Green, Coral
Navy (292)
This is the one out of the three nail paints that the formula has not been great for which is a shame because this really is a lovely colour. It's a deep navy blue with under tones of cobalt blue aswell.
Mint Green (296)
This is a beautiful mint green colour which I will be wearing next on my nails as we move into spring. It is a matte minty green colour.
This is my all time favourite nail polish! It's a beautifully bright coral paint which will brighten anyones day!

Clear Nail Paint by Barry M  (here)
This is a good little nail polish. It's a base coat, top coat and nail hardener all in one. I use it on it's own to strengthen my nails, under a bright red colour as a base coat or as a top coat on top of a nail polish. It does not give the best shine but it does give some shine and also i think that it helps to strenghten my nails aswell.

Magnetic Nail Paint by Barry M (here)
Moon dust (344)
This is a really lovely shimmerry polish without being magnetised. It has so much shimmer packed into it and it's just so sparkly and lovely. And when magentised, your nails really do stand out! The pattern you see on the magnet is what you get and you get even more sparkly colours. I really love this, it's something different for your nails!
Gelly Hi - Shine Nail Paint by Barry M (here)

L to R - Prickly Pear, Blueberry

Prickly Pear (302)
I haven't worn this polish yet but I can't wait to! it's a beautiful soft, pastel lavender colour.
Another beautiful pastel colour. This polish I have tried and love. It's a beautiful bright, cornflower blue shade. It is nicely shiny aswell but not too much!
What are your favourite Barry M shades?
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  1. Nice collection you have there! I really want to try the Gelly ones, the two shades you chose look lovely :D

  2. Thanks! I really like the shades igot very nice for spring :) they are bringingout more colours as well so I want more now! x