Monday, 4 February 2013

My Soap and Glory Collection!

My Soap and Glory Collection!
I was a bit dissapointed in myself yesterday when I realised I hadn't blogged so here I am, back again on the Monday evening and more to the point with my Soap and Glory collection! I am a mega fan of soap and Glory and have even considered doing a week's worth of posts on all of the S&G products!(comment below if you would like that!) I love the smell of their products and they may be at the pricer end of Boots but some are definetly worth it! But here is my collection which has accumulated mostly from gifts so some of the products are minis but you can pick them up the full sizes!

Here is a list of all the products which can all be found here!
Foam call Shower Cream
Clean on Me shower Gel
Butter Yourself Body Butter
Flake Away Body scrub
Girligo Spray on Moisturiser
The Righteous Butter
Kick Ass Concealer
Glad Day Hair Supply Hair Treatment
Peaches and Clean Facial Cleanser
You can expect to see reviews of all these products coming soon so do watch out for them!
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