Friday, 22 February 2013

Nail Polish Haul - Boots and Superdrug

Nail Polish Haul - Boots and Superdrug

So I had £10 in Boots Points and so I decided to pick up a few polishes and i also picked up a few in Superdrug as well. I got 5 Barry M polishes and 1 Rimmel 60 second polish. I have just done a Barry M Nail Polish Collection and may need to do another one now. Comment below if you would like to see a new one. I have another Asos Haul coming up and then that should be the end of my hauls for a little while! (Knowing me, it wont be long!) You can get all these polishes from Boots or superdrug either in store or online and I will put the prices for each range of polish.
Barry M Nail Paint - £2.99 glitter here and normal nail paints here

L to R - Rose Quartz Glitter (349) Grey (293) Pink Silver Glitter (337)

I saw a blog post with someone wearing a Barry M glitter nail paint and I hadn't tried any before so I picked up 2 pinky glitter nail paints. And from the regular nail paints line, i got a simple grey for a not bright but polished look from the normal nail paints line.

Barry M Textured Nail Effects - £3.99 here

Atlantic Road (1)

If you follow me on twitter, you will know how desperate I've been to try this new collection so I decided to get one polish now to see if I like them and then if I do, I'll get another one.. or two... or three...

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - £3.99 here

Papaya (13)

I already have two polishes from this line and they have recently brought out even more colours so I got one of them. They were doing a deal in Superdrug so if you bought two polishes either textured or gelly hi shine, then you save a pound. This was enough to tempt me!

I should have nails of the day posts including all of these up soon so look out for them and also my Barry M and also Rimmel 60 second collections!

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish - £2.99 here

I was looking for a really bright blue colour so this one caught my eye when I walked pastand it landed in my basket!

Beauty and the Budget


  1. I really want to try the Barry M textured Nail Polish, have you tried it yet, is it any good?x

    1. I think im going to paint my nails with it tommorow and then a review will be up on wednesday maybe! x

  2. rose quartz looks lovely!

    1. I think it will look great on top of a baby pink base! x

  3. I love pink silver glitter, loks nice by itsel, or as a top coat over a pink or a taupeyy colour :)


    1. I cant wait to see what combinations I can do with this! x

  4. very nice nail colours!
    would you like to follow each other?