Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nail Tutorial - Valentines Day!

Nail Tutorial - Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines day everyday! To get in the mood for valentines day, I have a nail tutorial for you guys! This look is like an ombre look but with a darker shade on each nail going from white on the pinky finger to red on the thumb.

For this look, I used:
Miss Sporty Et Voila Nail Polish in white
Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street
Sure Promise in Pink
Mavala in Rococco Red
Barry M All in one Top Coat
An old CD
A cocktail stick
Nail Brush
Step 1: First you want to paint your little finger's nail with a white so that you have a full coverage.
Step 2: Then, paint your next finger with a baby pibk colour again until you get a full coverage.
Step 3: I didn't have a suitable baby pink to hot pink colour so, I took my cd and popped on it a blob of the baby pink and of the hot pink and using a cocktail stick mixed the two colours and then using a nail brush, I painted my new colour all over my nail.
Step 4: I then took my hot pink and painted this all over my 4th nail.
Step 5: I finally took the red and painted my thumb nail with it.
Step 6: Then you want to seal in the colours with a top coat.
Quite a simple look especially if you had the right shade for your 3rd colour instead of having to mix two but I really like this gradient look and I hope you enjoyed it too!
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