Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nails of the Day - Miss Sporty in White

Nails of the Day - Miss Sporty in White
This is actually meant to be a nail tip whitener if you can see on the bottle but I was looking for a white nail varnish recently and I couldn't really find one at a relatively low price so I decided to use this Miss Spoty nail tip whitener as a white polish and I really liked it.
White nail polish is probarbly the hardest formula to make and if you want a long lasting colour, don't go for white! It chips so easily and only lasts about a day, 2 days tops!
The brush for this is designed for nail tips so it's much shorter than normal and angled so when I do do a french manicure it makes the tips easier to paint. (will do a french manicure tutorial) But for painting the entire nail, it does make the process a little slower but with a steady hand, you can get a good finish!
This polish nedded about 3 coats for a full opaque colour which for a white is so good as you usually have to keep layering up which is not goos for wear time! It lasted about 2 days which was also really good for a white!
Overall, I was really impressed with this polish and as white is more of a trend than a classic I don't like to spend much money on a white polish, cue in this nail polish!
You can purchase this in Superdrug and Boots for about £2.29. If not, try eBay!
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