Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nails of the Day - Rimmel 60 second nail polish in (210) Etheral

Nails of the Day - Rimmel 60 second nail polish in (210) Etheral

I seem to be doing lots of nail posts at the moment but they are also quick and easy posts to do so I tend to gravitate towards them more! Anyway, I have quite a few of these Rimmel 60 second polishes so I may do a collection post and a general view. This colour is (210) etheral. This was a gift but not a colour I would usually go to but it's good to try different things.

The colour of this is a shimmery, pink/cream pearl colour with an iridescent purple colour running through it. It's not a matte at all and has shimmers of quite a few different colours

This promises to only need 1 coat for a full coverage. As you can guess by the colour, this was like a clear top coat with just one colour but to achieve a full coverage, you need 3 coats.

The brush on this was lovely though. It's so wide that you can get nearly all your nail covered in just one swipe so it does speed up the process. The brush is definitely on par with Essie polishes!

The formula of this is Really nice as well. It lives up to it's promise of a 60 second dry time without a doubt! The wear time was normal, about 2 days.

I picked this polish because I'm not meant to wear nail polish during the week but I just wanted a little something on them so this looked like a nice little option. I really really liked the brush so I'm excited to try some more polishes from the 60 second line as the quick drying time and huge brush do make painting your nails a 60 second job compared to the usual 15 minute wait that drives me crazy!

What colours have you tried from this 60 second line?

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