Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Drugstore Releases - Spring 2013

New Drugstore Releases
To brighten up your Monday's, I have some new drugstore releases to show you guys! I'm really excited these especially some of them!
If I get anything from the MUA NAked Collection it probarbly won't be this but this does look like quite a nice little primer regardless and hopefully it should be an improvement on the cureent MUA Primer!
As I start to look for a new concealer when I run out of my Maybelline coverstick, I may have a look at this. I think they have based this on the Maybelline Lumi Touch concealer. Cheeky.
Unfortunately I'm not looking for a foundation right now but this looks like a nice little foundation!
Now this I think will be the star of the range. I have read some rave reviews for this already and as this as a sort of 'highlighty' collection, then there highlighter should be good!
I have heard so much hype about these apocalips in the blogiverse and the Youtube world! They come in a good range of colours and from the swatches, you can tell they are very pigmented and gorgeous colours!
6. L'Oreal CC Cream (not out yet)
I have literally heard nothing on the internet about this play on the 'BB' cream! Personally, I think that they have aken the whole BB cream concept a bit far and every one seems to be over that little craze now but it will be interesting to see what these are like!
I'm not a false tanner myself but while browsing the S&G site, I was looking through there new arrivals bit and I saw this and thought I would pop it in the post!
A dupe for the Mails Inc Leather Effect polishes some might say but I desperately want to get my hands on some of these! The colours are beautiful as I love my pastel shades.
What releases are you excited about?
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  1. i've just bought the MUA highlighter, it's so pretty! can't wait to try it out ! X X X