Saturday, 16 February 2013

Primark and Glamour Haul!

Primark Haul!

Bonjour mes amies, today I have a Primark haul for you guys. i popped in there yesterday just to have a look and was rather caught around their beauty product section which is always expanding and got over excited about one or two bits and bobs. Two thing in this haul were not from Primark but just things that I got when I had a talk from the head of advertising at Glamour, very generous!
Opia Bobby Pins - £1
I have had these before and they weren't great but in Boots, hair pins are like £2.50 so I decided to make do with these for £1. They are brown in colour and there are forty of them which is good as I'm only able to keep onto one for about 2 days, so frustrating!
Primark Embellish 3D Manicure Kit - £2.50
I was considering for a while getting the MUA nail constellations but £3 for just some beads I thought was a bit much to pay so when I saw this little beauty in Primark, I just had to have it! it comes with a nail polish, beads and a funnel which is more than what you get with MUA's version. Can't wait to try these! Will do a review!
Atmosphere White Blouse - £9
I really went into Primark to find a nice, cheap white blouse to wear under jumpers and I came across this little number. It's cream with a collar and is very sheer (you can't really tell from the photo) so you couldn't wear this without something underneath.
Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Mask - 90p
If you saw my last MJ review, you will know that I really liked it but I did want to try another that was peel off so when I saw this peel off mask in Primark, this was in my bag faster than the speed of light squared! Primark sell a few of these masks in different versions so I may just have to go back and pick up some more!
Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' Eau De Toillete Sample
I love getting little perfume samples as they make great handbag perfumes for when you need that little top up. I may do a little review of this in case your thinking about getting it. (I also have the Taylor Swift wonderstruck perfume as a sample which I might review as well)
Glamour Magazine
It's always nice to have a magazine to flick through for fashion and beauty news!
have you done any hauls recently?
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  1. Great haul! Primark has so many lovely things at the moment.
    I got a little haul there recently, you can check it out on my page if you like :)
    Love your blog - I'm a new follower!

    1. thanks :) i have had a loomk at your blog and followd, you have a lovely layout! x