Monday, 18 February 2013

Review - Benefit They're Real Mascara in Black

Review - Benefit They're Real Mascara
Hi my loves, so today I have a review of the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara. This isn't really a 'budget' product at £18 but I got a little version of this in my 'She's so Jetset Kit' (review) and was so desperate to try it so I want to tell you guys whether it is worth it's larger price tag or a Maybelline one will do!
The packaging for this being a mini is slightly different to the full size version but it's still really nice. You can feel that it is very secure and slighly more luxurious than it's drugstore competition. The writing is lovely and every time I see this it just makes me smile!
The brush on this is really big! It is a big circular brush that is very densely packed with mascara which give you all the length in your lashes and also make it easy to get all of your lashes coated.
The formula for this would probarbly be on the more wet side for a mascara but isn't too wet to smudge. This lasts ALL day so you could apply it in the morning and it would stay on all day!
The effect of this mascara is beautiful. With the first coat, you get really long lashes with not too much volume and then with the second coat, you start to build up the volume as well so with three or four coats, you could get a false lash effect. I have to say that I don't think my beloved Maybelline cat eyes mascara could manage to get the length that this does! This also makes my lashes look really thick and makes it look as if my lash line is defined! This defines my eyes enough that I wouldn't have to wear any other eye makeup. It really is fantastic!
The only downfall to this otherwise amazing mascara is that this takes A LOT of scrubbing to get off which makes me feel like I'm doing my lashes damage and if I wore this everyday it could pull them out!
The effect this mascara gives is outstanding but because it takesso much scrubbing to remove, I cannot wear this everyday but when it comes to a night out, this will be my mascara of choice!
You can purchase this here for £18.50
Have you tried this mascara?
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  1. i really want this but i can't afford to buy any makeup at the moment :( X X X

    1. the maybelline cat eyes is a good dupe for this and a lot less! xx

  2. Your eyelashes look so good! So long but natural looking at the same time. xx

  3. oh i so wish i could afford this... maybe one day haha!!
    looks like it worked well on your lashes!!