Monday, 18 February 2013

Review - Forever 21 Nail Stickers

Review - Forever 21 Nail Stickers
When I was in London in Forever 21, I was queing in the till and came across these little nail stickers (cheeky placement!) and decided to give them a go as I hadn't tried any nail stcikers beforebut had seen a few around.
They come in basic packaging with just 12 of the stickers in different sizes to suit your nails. Stupidly, when applying these I didnt measure them on my fingers before sticking them down so my left hand had the perfct sizes but my right hand, not so much! If I had measured first, these would have fit my nails perfectly althought my nails are quite wide so someone with thinner nails may strugle with these.
To my suprise, they were easy to apply. You just peel them back from the plastic, stick the curved endat the bottom of your nail and then you just fold over and then file the excess away. the instuctions on the back were quite helpful. And they are very sticky.
The colour range wasn't massive but I chose a yellow, pink, white, brown and blue aztec print which upon reflection, I wasn't too keen on.
The stickers that were the right size and din't flap about lasted well, about 3 or 4 days but the ones that were the worng size lasted about a day. The temptation is really high though to peel these off if you have a loose bit!
It says to remove use nail polish remover which I did because if you peel them off, you get a sticky layer all over your nails which is really annoying but can be removed with a dab of remover.
These stickers were a nice alternative to wearing nail varnish and I think they were probarbly a bit better for my nails than painting them. They did look really good when I stuck them on well I just wasn't keen on this pattern and I won't be in a F21 for a while so in Primark they do a few nice patterns so I may give them a go.
These are available for £2.15 in F21 Stores but I could not find them online.
Have you tried nail stickers?
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  1. Love the wraps im in Dublin tomorrow hope they're in the forever 21 there!!