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Review - Revlon Lip Butter in strawberry Shortcake

Review - Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

 I know that the Lip butter range from revlon has been out a while now but only a few months ago did I join the club with Strawberry Shortcake so if your still in two minds about these majorly hyped up products, here is my review!
First off, packaging. I paid £7.99 for this which I would consider to be quite a lot seeing as you can get a Rimmel or Maybelline foundation for the price of one lip butter so I wanted this to feel good, sturdy and pretty and it does! Some people don't like the packaging design but I do. I like the pink lid with it's pattern and I think generally it looks comparitable to the likes of YSL and MAC. It also feels sturdy enough so that it wont smash in your makeup bag.

The colour of this is lovely! It's a soft, baby pink colour with a shimmery finish and it translates as that onto the lips. The pigmentationis good as well for a less bright shade.
Applying this is easy straight from the tube. It feels so soft and moistutrising to apply, almost too much as it can get a bit slippy on your lips. To get a full coverage, you only have to apply one coat.

This makes my lips feel soooo soft it's unbelievable and I feel as if my lips are in better condition since wearing it. This makes it an excellent everyday lipstick that will give your lips a light colour and hydrate them at the same time. The wear time however isn't too great. I havr timed this and it looks freshly applied for about an hour but after that, the colour decreases but still leaves the lips with a slight baby pink hue. You would have to reapply this throughout the day but it's not a bright colur so no need for a mirror.
I love the effect that this gives my lips, a very lady like pink that can be worn everyday. This makes for a lovely everyday staple!
You can purchase this here for £7.99 and I have used this lipstick in my Kate Moss tutorial here
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