Friday, 1 March 2013

All Used Up #3

All Used Up #3

I really like doing these posts because it really encourages me to use up lots of products like body butters which I seem to have an endless supply of and they never seem to get used up because I can't be bothered to moisturise, lazy I know!
Sanctuary Body Scrub and Body Wash

If you have a read my review (here) of these, you will know I didn't like them. When I had a look in Boots down the Sanctuary isle after trying these, I was suprised to see that Sanctuary products are really wuite expensive like Soap and Glory prices which are much better quality. The body scrub that I tried didn't leave my skin any softer and didn't really scrub at all. The particles were too large that they got a little uncomfortable and scratchy which was not nice. The body was wan't much better and didn't really do anything for my skin. Both of theproducts smelt nice at first but that didn't last long at all. These were little versions in a gift box from Boots that I got so maybe that's why they weren't amazing!
Alberto Balsalm Sun Kissed Raspberry Herbal Conditioner

Either a shampoo or conditioner from this brands has been in all of my Empties posts!I really like these! They do what they say on the bottle and condition your hair. This one smelt lovely but it was a shame it didn't last longer. I'm trying the V05 Gloss Me Smoothly shampoo and am just using up another Alberto Balsalm conditioner but I would definetly repurchase this. It's a good cheap conditioner.
Spa Innovograting Bath Fizzer

I think I got this in a gift set ages ago. It's from the Tesco copy of the sanctuary range. From what I can remember, this bath fizzer didn't really 'fizz', it just made the bath water smell a bit nicer but noreal skin benfits at all. I wouldn't repurchase this as it didn't really do much!
Montagne Jeunnese Peel Off Passion Facial Mask

I have reviewed this seperately here. I really liked the peel off feature of this mask and it smelt lovely but I tried the strawberries and cream souffle mask which I think suited my skin a bit better. This was a really nice mask and my skin sdid feel a little better so I would recommend trying a MJ mask that you think will suit your skin because I'm yet to find my perfect mask but I continue to search!
L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Hair Perfector Sample

I got this in Glamour Magazine and was intersted to try it as I've seen lots of adverts for it. Unfortunately, I opened this thinking I'll try it tonight and then I forgot about and put a bottle on top of it and it all spilt leaving an absolute oil slick all over the bathroom. I managed to retrieve a little and had a little go with it in my ends and I didn't really find it did much at all but I think for a fair test I'd need to try it for a bit longer!

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