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Best and worst: MUA

The Best and Worst of MUA

I have managed to accumulate a lot of MUA products in my collection. If you haven't heard of them yet (where have you been, under a rock?) they are a budget (really affordable prices!) makeup brand that you can purchase in Superdrug and online. Some of my products from MUA, I love and use every single day but others are not so good and the quality can be quite hit and miss so I decided to do this post to show you the best and worst from MUA!
The Best
R to L - Foundation, Bittersweet Cream Blush, Powder Blush, Lip Boom, Eye shadow Swatches
MUA Undressed Palette
Every single tutorial that I have done, I have used this palette in it and I am in  love with it! It's dubbed the dupe for the famous Naked Palette from Urban Decay and has been very popular in the blogosphere! It contains a mixture of matte colours which are quite good and shimmers which are lovely! Most of the colours are really pigmented and soft to apply and this kit is a great basic nude palette. A must have for anyone staring in makeup!
MUA F1 Foundation Brush
This is a synthetic flat foundation brush which I use to apply my Maybelline Fit me Foundation. It looks really nice in the packaging, much more expensive than t costs and it just makes applying liquid foundations really easy and helps to get a good, even coverage!
This was part of MUA's collaboration with love hears. It's a baby pink tinted lip balm which for people who are a bit nervous of full on lips, this adds a really nice hint of colour. The smell of this is also lovely, very sweet! This is quite moisturising but I wouldn't put this as a lip treatment, more of a lipstick in a pot with a bit of a balm but it's still lovely!
This with my own W7 angled liner brush is what I use to fill in my brows when I do which isn't too often. I like how portable this is and that it contains a wax which I do user every day to keep the brow hairs in place. This is a good on the go kit!
MUA Nail Polish in Shade 3
This is from their £1 range. It's a beautiful purple matte colour which I really like to wear on my toe nails and it lasts quite well! I haven't tried this on my hands so I can't say how long it lasts on hands but I should think about 2 days! A very cheap lovely polish!
MUA Lip Boom in OMG
I was umming and arring as to whether this was good or bad but I decided to go with good. It's a nice all in one product and I like the idea of the lip gloss and stick being all together for just £3 but I'm not entirely keen on the shade range. I think they might have brought out some new colours though so I might have a look at them as the formula for these is nice.
After reviewing this very favourably, I have noticed that it's not quite my perfect colour match and there is only 3 to chose from. Nevertheless, foundations can get a bit pricey nowadays so this is a good one for the price. it gives quite a nice coverage so it is good for the price.
One of my favourite products from the MUA, this is a lovely bright pink cheek colour and is in my everyday makeup basket. You just dot this on the cheeks and it blends out nicely. I would recommend this!
MUA Blusher in Shade 1
This is a lovely powder blush from the £1 range which I really like. It's a nice coral colour and looks pretty on tanned skin.
The Worst
The Nail Swatches
This did nothing for me in terms of keeping my make up on better! It was quite moisturising but other than that it just made my foundation hard to blend in so I would not recommend this!
I really like the cream blush formula of this but I just don't like the colour. It does not suit me and just looks a little orange when you blend it out.
MUA Liquid Liner
This was the first thing I got from MUA but it didn't paint a good picture of the brand. When I swatch this, it looks a lovely shiny pigmented liner but after about half an our of wearing it, it just flakes off and leaves you with a patchy line. I really did not like this at all!
MUA Love Hearts in U&I
This was a very border line product and if I had done this post again, it would have gone in the good section. Last summer, I was after a yellow polish but I didn't want to pay too much for it as I didn't know how yellow would look. The colour is just a little too mustard and also the formula was a little too streaky. This is not terrible by any means, it's just not amazing either.
A general dislike of MUA for me would also be that the packaging really easily breaks. My shadow palette's lid has fallen off and the brow kit is just about to go as well so treat your MUA goodies with lots of care!
MUA is definitely worth having a look it as there are some great products to be had but read lots of reviews before you buy!
All these products can be purchased in Superdrug or here and you can find a 40% discount here if you order on the website!
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  1. This is such a good idea! I havent tried MUA yet, but this really helped :)

    Love Zoe x

  2. This was a great post sweetie! Well done!
    I have had to go on a long term ban of MUA because people on my blog are wanting to hear more about other brands! What is your favorite products?
    I really enjoy reading your blog and you have an excellent was of doing it!
    Your posts are very detailed and you have a brilliant range of posts! Well done and keep up the good work!
    - Cait'X

    1. Thank you very much, it's lovely to know people enjoy reading my blog! I love the palettes especially the undressed palette! x

  3. love this :) xx

  4. Agree with your list.. I love MUA and have a lot of MUA products ...

    Don't forget to follow back :) The Lipstickholic

    1. Thanks! It's really easy to amass quite a lot of their products! :)

  5. I love MUA Products for their Quality and Price,My fav are the eyeshadow Palettes.

    1. I've only tried one of the palettes but I love it, need to try out some more!

  6. I love love love MUA so much and this post literally sums up how I feel about them. They are all I ever talk about on my blog because I really find them to be a great value for money