Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dupes for Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch!

Dupes for Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch!
So every bloggers best friends doctor's, daughters vet!? has heard of the MK rose gold watch and I am no exception. But at over £200, it's pretty pricey but it is on my birthday wish list! So I thought that for those of you who don't want to splash the clash on this much raved about item, I would find some cheaper alternatives that look just as nice for more than half the price!

1. Next Rose Gold Sports Watch - £22

Looking at this, I think I might have to get it! It looks really pretty and I just love the colour of the rose gold hardware!

2. River Island rose Gold Tone Diamant√© Watch - £30

I quite like the addition of the bling on this watch which makes it very sparkly and eye catching. This is a slightly tone of rose gold  which is nice but I think I prefer the darker tone but it's still nice!

3. River Island Rose Gold Chronograph Emily Watch - £25

Image 1 of River Island Rose Gold Emily Chronograph Watch

As well as sharing the same name as me, this watch is a close dupe for the MK version. I like the clock face of this watch although let's face it, I go for looks more than practical value with a watch! This again is a lighter shade of rose gold than the real thing and has a slightly more pink tone than say the Next Dupe.

4. Oasis Rose Gold Bracelet Watch - £40

Image 1 of Oasis Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

This watch has a slightly different look to the others with it's larger face and also simpler face with none of hose smaller circles that the others have which I like.

Persnally, I really like the Next watch as it's the cheapest and the closest dupe until I get the real thing!

HAve you tried any of these watches?

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  1. Wow thanks for posting! I was actually thinking of buying the river island one with the bling but ive been holding off because shipping to Canada is a bit pricey heh.

    1. How annoying! High shipping costs are sooo frustrating! x

  2. Hello. New follower here. I love your post about the dupes. I am going to look abot the shipping and stuff. Thanks hun, that really helps me to save money;) It would mean a world to me if you follow my blog,
    xoxo Nika

    1. thanks for following :) I will have a look now.

  3. thanks for following :) I will have a look now.