Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara: Review

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara: Review

For the past couple of weeks, I 've been trying out this mascara from Max Factor and after having a slight revelation on how to use it, I'm ready to tell you guys what I think!
The packaging for this is really nice, very similar to a Revlon mascara I have which is quite similar! It's navy blue with gold writing and looks very chic indeed (for a mascara)
The brush on this mascara is tightly packed with lots of small natural bristles. The brush is medium size and is smaller at the tip and then gets bigger towards the lid. It's an ok brush but if your just starting out with make up, you might find it a little difficult to work with.
The formula of this is very wet because it's a volumising mascara. Now here's the revelation! I started off by applying 2 coats of this to my top and bottom lashes and found that by mid day, panda eye patrol was on to me! But then, I thought what if I don't put this on the bottom lashes and just the top and it worked and the mascara stayed on all day! The tip to using this mascara is to wipe off all the excess on the brush and apply one thin coat, wait for it to dry and then carefully apply the next otherwise you can find it a little clumpy.
This mascara does give a lot of volume and if you love pumping up the volume with your lashes, then this may be for you! But if for you it's all about the length, this might not be for you. I personally go for length but I was wearing this today and I actually really liked the way it made my lases look, just avoid wearing it on the bottom lashes.
Overall, if you love great volume and you're an experienced mascara handler this might work for you but if you're not, then maybe not!
You can purchase this mascara from here for £7.50
*PR Sample but all opinions are 100% my own, pinky promise!


  1. This looks quite a good mascara! I'm always on the look out for one that's really volumising. I love how its not a plastic brush either- never really get along with those haha xxx

    1. If you love volume, then you will love this! x