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Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnishes: Review

Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnishes: Review

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Hey lovelies, so if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that my computer has been done, well we got a new one today (with Windows 8 which I'm loving btw!) so you can expect to see slightly more regular posting once again! So anyway today I have 5 of the Maybelline forever strong pro polishes to review. I thought instead of doing 5 nails of the days, I would do them all together to give you a general impression of the line. I haven't heard much about these in the 'blogosphere' so if you were wondering about them, here's my review, enjoy!
The packaging of these is nice and you get a lot of polish for your £4. The brush is average size and makes the polish quite easy to put on. The formula of these is lovely and for all of them, two coats can get you a full coverage except for rose tornado and golden brown which can both get a full coverage with just one coat. In terms of lasting power, these lasted really nicely, about 3 or 4 days depending on what you're up to. I think they would struggle with 7 days though. All of the colours were very shiny without the top coat but you can see below that the top coat does make them even shinier and it is a nice top coat! 

With top coat


So I have 4 colours from this line; lilac charm, flaming rose, golden brown and rose tornado. lilac Charm is a beautiful very pale matte lavender colour (quite similar to Barry M's gelly hi shine in prickly pear) and is my favourite colour out of the four.  Golden brown is another lovely colour. It's a, as the name says, a golden brown bronze metallic colour. The pigmentation is so good with this one that you can get a full coverage in one coat and it's really shiny as well. Flaming rose is a beautiful hot pink matte colour. In two coats, this looks like you've had a professional manicure and it also warms up your complexion which everyone needs after a cold old winter! And finally we have rose tornado. This is a colour probably for the more mature lady so it's probably not my favourite. It's a metallic pink colour which looks quite elegant but for me, it's not my favourite i'm afraid to say!

Lilac Charm

Golden Brown
Flaming Rose
Rose Tornado

Overall, I really like this range from Maybelline. They have a lovely formula and they have some beautiful colours so I'd definitely recommend picking some up!

Beauty and the Budget


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