Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Spring Nail Picks!

My Spring Nail Picks!
Today I saw the sun for about 10 minutes so I know, spring is on the way! I love Spring, little lambs are born, baby chicks toddle around and it starts to get a little warmer! So today I have my top nai, picks for Spring. They are all pastel shades which I love for spring as they're bright and fresh!
Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green
Mint Green polish seems to be very much in fashion now so this is a lovely mint green that brightens up a darker outfit! The formual of this is lovely and this is one of favourite polishes from Barry M!

Barry M Gelly high Shine in Prickly Pear
This is a lovely unusual lavender colour. It's super shiny but isn't too in your face, just what I like!

MUA Sweet Hearts in U & I
This is a really nice yellow nail colour. Although yellow nails isn't for everyone, this is a nice sunny tone which makes it a bit more wearable. The formau for this is lovely as well. Wear this for a ray of sunshine on your hands!

Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street
A more mature look perhaps, this is a lovely baby pink colour that is a lovely colour and not too quirky yet still reflectig the season!

Barry M Textured Nail Effects in Atlantic Road
A full review of this will be up tommorow but until then , this is a lovely sky blue colour and with the gritty effect gives a very on trend effect!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you have a lovely Spring!

What are your favourite spring nail shades?
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