Friday, 1 March 2013

Nails of the Day - Barry Textured Nail Effects in Atlantic Road

Nails of the Day - Barry Textured Nail Effects in Atlantic Road
If you read my latest nail polish haul, then you will know I finally got one of the Barry M textured polishes which I was very excited to try so I tried this out and here's my review!
First, the colour. It's really nice, a sort of baby blue pastel colour and it's perfect for (the 'so called') Spring. They do 4 colours in the range right now which are all pastels so all look really nice for the Spring. This has a matte finish.
So I painted my nails with 2 thin coats which gets the gritty finish really evenly and gets a full coverage. If you do 3 coats or really thick coats, be careful because the gritty texture doesn't spread over the nail as easily as it does with two.

The textue of this is really cool. It's lke lots of little bumps that really cool on the nails. It's bumpy to the touch but I didn't find that to be a problem at all and it was actually quite fun to play with. I think if you had a dark outfit or an outfit with pastel shades in, this would look lovely and compliment your outfit really nicely!
I didn't wear a top coat with this because that one of the special things about this polish is that it's matte and also quite a fun look so having a shine with a top coat really did not suit this at allas it's not meant to be a classic shiny beautiful nail look! It's a fun different nail effect!
The last of this polish was about 2 days so normal wear time but, I found that it was really hard not to grate your teeth along your nails with this on which probarbly didn't help the wear time. I have heard lots of people say that this nail polish traps dirt when it's on but I didn't find that. They made for a very clean manicure if manicure's can be 'clean' (going off on a tangent here, sorry)
So anyway, overall, I thought these were a fun change from the usual nail look. The other colours in the range look really nice and they would look really good all together on alternate nails! Once again, Barry M have done it and are bang on trend!
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