Thursday, 28 March 2013

Primark 3D Manicure Kit - Review

Primark 3D Manicure Kit

Sorry about the wrong way round pics! :)

If you saw my Primark and Glamour Haul, you'll know that I picked up this dupe for the Ciate caviar nails kit. I was planning on trying the MUA Nails Constellation but this kit is so much better for value than the MUA alternative which is actually a little pricey for a bottle of beads and in the Primark kit, you get a funnel, a lovely nail varnish and the beads, much better value and I have read reviews for the MUA alternative and from what I can see, they do the same thing so why go for that!
First off, the nail polish that you apply as the base is such a beautiful colour and is opaque in just one coat! It really is a lovely deep red? purple/pink colour so id you don't enjoy the beady side to the kit, keep the polish, it's lovely! And the beads are also a lovely colour, a mixture of greens, reds, pinks in different shades so multi coloured really, also lovely!
Application is quite simple which the instructions on the back make easier. You just paint all your nails with one coat of the polish and then popping the tray underneath your nail, you pop on another coat of the polish and then really quickly pour the beads on and then just pop the excess back using the funnel which I will admit is a little fiddly but hey ho, all in the name of nail art! I chose to only pop the beads on my ring finger as I thought it looked nicer. It took them about 15 minutes and a little bit of packing to come fixed to the nail. I didn't wear a top coat because I have been told that this can strip the colour off the beads so I thought best not too.
Now for the only bad part about this kit! The wear time. I love the effect of these and they do look so cool and 3D but they lasted about 6 hours before everywhere was covered with beads. I found it hard not to fiddle with them which probaebly didn't help but if I had not, they could have maybe lasted all day so would be a lovely idea for a one day celebration and then when they do fall off, you can just paint on a layer of the polish if your staying out for the night. Maybe a wedding or some sort of celebration, these would go down well!
Overall, I think Primark have really done well with the quality of this set and they are such a cool nail effect to try so if you do want to try these for a special day, definetly go for the primark set as I think even the Ciate ones wouldn't last much longer and are a lot more expensive! Well done Primark, you should be proud!
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  1. I love this so much!! It seriously reminds me of sprinkles on top of a cupcake haha!!