Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gold Nail Polish by Miss Sporty: Nails of the Day

Gold Nail Polish by Miss Sporty: Nails of the Day

Eurghh, how much would it cost Miss Sporty to give their nail polishes some names! Anyway, way back last Christmas I got this nail polish and I was excited to try it because I have two other polishes from Miss Sporty, a black and white which have very mice formulas but I'm not one for black or white nails.
Anyway, this is a nice gold colour that you can get an opaque finish from in 2 coats which is impressive. I'd say i's more metallic than glittery although in some lights it does have a hint of different coloured tiny glitter particles.
I'm not sure this polish particularly suits me as I have a medium complexion but it may look nice on a lighter complexion or darker as well.
The brush from this is lovely, very big which was not what I was expecting for a £1.99 polish. I have recently trimmed my nails so it was good that I could get a nice finish on shorter nails. One thing I was not so keen on is I found that you have to be careful for lumps in the polish but I only have that on one nail so that may be down to me.
The lasting time was really impressive. I had this on for 3 days and there are no signs of chipping at all! And this did dry quite quickly, about 5 mins.
Overall, not my favourite colour in the world but the brush, drying time and formula were very good and I want to try some more colours from the range.
I couldn't find this shade on the internet but I'm sure it's still available in Boots and Superdrug or maybe eBay.
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