Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites!

March Favourites!
I took the pictures for this post this morning outside and I could only just bare the cold so it's still not springy yet! But the daffodils are blooming so we know the warmer weather is on it's way!


I think this is my no. 1 favourite polish of all time! It suits my hands more than any other polish does and makes me look so much more tanned!
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Prickly Pear
I hardly ever wear the same polish in a row but I have worn this polish twice in a row and got lots of compliments for it! It's such a pretty lavender blue colour and I love it!
I have recently done a full review of this which you can fins linked in the title but I really do like this cleanser and I think that it has improved my skin since using it, would definitely recommend!
Generally, I've been loving tinted lip balms as there subtle but make your lips look better. I love the scent of this Vaseline option, it's very sweet and girly and the colour it gives off is a red rosy colour but not as intense as a full on red lipstick.
MUA on the right and Vaseline on the left
This is another lovely balm in a pinky colour. Probably not as moisturising as the Vaseline rosy lips but still a nice way to wear colour on the lips.

I used the lightest eyeshadow all over my lid and the third shade as a contour from this kit and it stayed on without a primer all night! It was amazing! I really want to try some more high end products so I can compare them with the drugstore alternatives!

I hope you had a lovely March and had a good Easter!
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  1. Lovely favourites! Still haven't tried theSoap&Glory cleanser but I'm sure I'll love it, can't go wrong with that brand xx

    1. I would love to repurchase it but I want to try something else though! I would definetly recommend it xx