Sunday, 20 October 2013

£1.25 Dupe for the Beauty Blender!

£1.25 Dupe for the Beauty Blender!

If you watch YouTube Make Up Tutorials, you will have heard of the Beauty blender but at £15 for a let's face it sponge, it's pretty pricey. So I was so pleased to here on Miss Make Up Magpie's Blog that Gemma had found a dupe for this from a Chinese Seller on eBay for just £1.25 so I quickly snapped it up! Thank you so much to Gemma for recommending this and I definitely recommend you take a look at her blog!

So if you haven't heard of beauty blenders before, they are basically a high density shaped sponge that is used to apply foundation, concealer or any cream product really. I use this to apply my foundation and my concealer and I LOVE the effect it gives, even more than the effect of my Real Techniques buffing brush (there is still a place in my heart for that too!) It gives a really flawless finish and if you have blemishes that you want to cover, using this to buff on your foundation does the job nicely.
To use this, you need to soak the sponge in water first and then ring out the excess and the sponge doubles in size. This helps your foundation to go nicely. And then you just apply your foundation to the sponge or directly onto your face and buff in, easy. The sponge comes in a range of colours and is easier to wash than brushes so that's a double bonus! the shape of the sponge with the tip makes the sponge easy to blend in concealer under the eyes quickly and without damaging the eye area so much.
I have the MUA Matte Perfection Foundation that is a thick cream formula and you have to blend quick. I find it very hard to get a streak free finish with my hands or brushes but this sponge gives me a streak free high coverage finish really easily so I would definitely recommend that as a duo!
I would definitely recommend you try this dupe as it really is fantastic and the delivery time is actually really short (3-4 days) for a £1.60 product coming from Korea. I personally don't see why you would spend £15 on the real beauty blender when you can have this but I'm sure the real sponge is a very good sponge for the money.
High density
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Get a full coverage
Good Colour choice
No Streaks
Very Cheap
Quick Delivery
Good Seller
None that spring to mind!
Have you tried a beauty blender?
You can purchase this here for £1.25
Beauty and the Budget


  1. If it can live up to the RT brushes it must be good :) It reminds me of the EDF 'thing' on their adverts, will def have to go get one at that price


  2. I've heard so many good things about these but the wet bit puts me off a little! I think it's about time I manned up and tried one!xx

    1. it's really weird how it expands when you wet it! x