Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Dupe for the Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove!

A Dupe for the Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove!
Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleansing Glove

A little while ago, Sigma released the brush cleansing glove making brush cleansing (the most boring task, ever.) much easier with the different textured glove but at $39, it's pretty pricey! That's where Soap and Glory comes into the picture, I was about to get a sponge to start washing my brushes when I saw my S&G face mitt sitting there and that's when the idea formed! The soap and glory face mitt was designed for improving your skin and has a textured pink surface with little bobbles that get rid of dirt and then another texture with little indents in to do that but it also works SO well as a brush cleanser and the textured surfaces are really similar on both products!

I put some shampoo onto the face mitt and lather it up with my finger and then just swirl my brush around in little circles to get rid of the dirt and then dip it in a shallow pot of water and dry, et voila, clean brushes! You can see all the dirt that has come off your brushes on the face mitt which can be just rinsed off and used again. I had a W7 angled liner brush which was embarrassingly dirty, stiff with gel liner, so bad in fact I thought I would have to throw it away but I massaged my face mitt on the bristles and the brush was as good as new with minimal scrubbing in about 20 seconds. It really is so much better and quicker than just using a sponge and just £4!
Yes, the Sigma option is bigger and has lots of different textures but for a fraction of the price, you could go with the S&G option and then once you have finished washing your brushes, give the mitt a rinse and then use it again for your face! (review to come of the mitt as a face scrub)
I would love to get the Sigma Glove and if you are a make up artist then that may be better for you, but for me as make up lover and no more, I couldn't justify spending that much on a let's face it, fancy glove!
You can purchase the Sigma brush cleanser here for $39 or the Soap and Glory Face Mitt here for £4
Have you tried either of these products, how do you clean your brushes?

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  1. I've not tried either but saw a post like this a few weeks back, will definitely be hunting for a cheaper option rather than forking out for the Sigma x

    1. I have seen an oven glove dupe for this, there are lots about! x

  2. omg that's such a brill idea! I have the S&G mitt which I rarely use on my face so I'm deffo going to try this! I usually just lather up some shampoo in the palm of my hand and swirl the brush around but this should work better. Thanks for sharing, the Sigma price tag really put me off buying it xx