Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover - Review

Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover - Review

I love painting my nails but removing polish is so annoying especially glitters and metallic so quite a while ago I got the Bourjois 1 second Magic Nail Polish remover and have been using it ever since so is it really magic? Let's find out!
The packaging for this is cute and practical in a little pink tub. How it works is there is a black sponge in the bottle with a small hole in at the centre. Floating around at the bottom of the bottle is the sweet almond oil nail polish remover liquid  which is soaked up by the sponge. So when you pop your finger in the hole and give it a little twist (yes, that did sound very wrong.) your nail polish is meant to come off in a second without rubbing your nails with cotton wool which takes forever.
I think that this system is a lot quicker than the usual cotton wool method but it definitely takes more than 1 second, about 5 seconds per nail but still that's pretty quick. Like normal remover, glitters and metallic do take a lot longer. Metallic take about 20 seconds of twisting to remove (hurts your wrist after a while - but all in the name of beauty!) But I do seem to have a problem with glitter polish removal using the Bourjois remover especially chunky glitters. I had on my nails Barry M's rose quartz glitter and I found that the glitter managed to take off parts of the black sponge which I then got all over my floor and carpet so I think if you do have glitter to remove, use cotton wool.
The actual nail polish remover is meant to be red fruit and vanilla fragrance which it does smell of slightly but it still has a very strong aroma of nail polish remover. And the remover is also meant to be enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil to cause minimum damage to your nails. I find that this remover doesn't make my nails feel dry like ordinary polish remover does, instead they feel softer and look in better condition so if you are constantly painting your nails and then removing it or are a nail blogger taking lots of photos, this will help to keep your nails in good nick.
Overall, I really like this product and it has definitely speeded up removal and not been as harsh on my nails as ordinary remover. In terms of cost, I think this may be the cheaper method because the cotton wool method, you have to pay for cotton wool and polish remover which lasts about 4-6 months. I've had this now for 4 months and there are no signs of it running out and when it does, I will pour some nail polish remover into the hole to refill it which should make it the most economical way. That being said, you can't use this to remove toe polish so you will still need to have a bottle of the regular stuff in for that and maybe glitter polishes. But all in all, I am going to stick to this method but maybe try one of the other cheaper polish removers as this one is slightly pricey at nearly £5.

I would recommend this especially if your lazy like me and the thought of removing nail polish with cotton wool drives you insane!

You can purchase this here for £4.99

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  1. oooh I really need to get this!
    I keep forgetting to pick it up when I go shopping!