Thursday, 30 May 2013

MAC, DGJ, Boots and Primark Haul!

So yesterday, me and my friend took the train down to London to go to the Tanya Burr meet up and it was crazy! I think Tanya made the right decision to call off the meet up as it was getting a little dangerous but it was a shame not to get to meet her, maybe next time! We still made the most of our trip and did some shopping in Primark, MAC and Boots. Also included in this haul are the prizes that I won from Lora Loves X's giveaway (Check out her blog, she's so lovely!) Thank you so much to her for them. I will be reviewing all these products separately so watch out for them over the next few weeks as well as a post on my MAC purchases which I am just too excited about!
MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow and Girl about Town Lipstick
I won't go in to too much detail about these products as I will be doing a first 'MAC experience' post. But in short, Girl about Town is a bright fuchsia pink colour and is very moisturising and All that Glitters is a beautiful shimmery champagne colour. I am really pleased that I made my first MAC purchases!
Primark Dork T-Shirt and Maxi Skirt with Front Slip
If you have been to the Oxford Circus Primark, you will know it is crazily busy and so I accidently got this black skirt without noticing the massive great  slit! For me, the slit is too high and I will be taking this back but it still is a nice piece and only £8. The Dork T-Shirt I got to pair with my grey skater skirt for casual wear. It's got a high neck line and folded up sleeves which I like so I'm happy with that!
17 On The Spot Foundation and Rimmel Apocalips in Nova
On paper, the 17 foundation appears to be perfect for me, a high coverage and blemish fighting ingredients but I have seen very mixed reviews of this. I will be trialling this for the 6 weeks as recommended and I will come back to you with updates every 2 weeks or so. And also in  Boots I got an Apocalips in Nova, a pretty dusty pink/nude colour so I can't wait to try that out and see whether it lives up to the hype or not!
Biotherm Samples
Whilst strolling through House of Fraser, I was given some little samples from Biotherm which I believe is a skincare company. I have quite a few sample sachets at the moment that I will be trying to get through so watch out for that!
Daniel Galvin Junior Clarifying Shampoo and Berutti Oil
I was really excited to receive these two products as before, I had not really ventured into fancy shampoo's and conditioners. But both these products smell really good (like a salon) and my hair seems to be really shiny so I have high hopes for this DGJ duo. Thanks again Lora!
I was really happy with what I bought in London but I think I will be refraining from spending until my birthday comes in August!
Beauty and the Budget


  1. Would love to see a review on the 17 foundation- been umming and ahing over it for the last few weeks! xx

    1. I will be doing lots of updates on the foundation! I was the same as you about buying it as the reviews are really mixed!