Sunday, 16 June 2013

17 On The Spot Foundation - Review


 I was so excited to get this foundation and try it as it seemed to be everything I want in a
foundation. This foundation n to make your skin clearer in 4 weeks which are pretty big claims so I was interested to see if this was true. The foundation has salicylic acid which is known to help fight break outs.

The packaging of this is really unique but nice. It is a squeezy tube with a pump attached, crazy I know! The pump makes the foundation really hygienic and make sit easy to get out the correct amount of product. The range has 6 shades and I am in the shade Porcelain. This foundation has SPF 15 which s good as you can protect your skin now the sun has come out! When I first saw this, I thought that there wasn't much product in the tube but after a little comparing, this contains the same amount of product as Maybelline's fit me foundation. The smell of this is a little strong (smells like make-up, you know the smell) when you first apply it but goes quickly so isn't too offensive.

The formula is quite thin and runny. I find the best way to apply this is with MUA's stippling brush. I found that using hands wasn't then best method for this foundation and using a beauty blender wasn't great either. I have actually read on other blogs as well that they find this applies best with a brush and not fingers or sponges. With the MUA stippling brush, you can get a lovely finish though.
The finish of this is semi matte but looks natural. I don't find that this cakes up at all and you can layer it up for more coverage without caking. I didn't find this clinged to dry patches or lines so that was good. 17 say that this is a full coverage foundation however I think that this is much more of a medium coverage as it did fail to cover up some blemishes that I had but again you can build this up. Although you can build this up, it was a bit disappointing because this foundation is targeted at those of us with blemish prone skin particularly and it is not.
In terms of lasting power, the coverage of this does wear away after about 4 hours so this does not last all day so you might need to bring a concealer with you so you can recover anything you want covered. I was in Primark today and wearing this foundation and it was very hot and crowded and I found that when I rubbed my face, the foundation came off on my hands so it transfers which is a little annoying and I found that it didn't last too well today either and if you have oily skin, then I think it would
 last for a shorter time as well.
Now what you really want to know, does this clear your skin. Well, with some foundations that I have worn, they have broken me out and my blemishes have got worse but with this one it didn't break me out or clog my pores and I think I have noticed recently that I have had less blemishes which I think is down to this. 
Overall, this foundation is quite good but far from perfect. I am impressed that my skin has been slightly clearer but the foundation really is not too good. I really like how the foundation looks and I found a really close match to my skin, but it doesn't stay for long and does transfer.  
I think spot fighting foundations will start to be made by lots of other brands like Maybelline which  have just released a bb cream which also has salicylic acid. I think that the salicylic acid can help your skin in a foundation but I don't think the actual 17 foundation is too good so hopefully another brand will be able to combine a great foundation with the salicylic acid  really well so if you are after this foundation, I wouldn't put you off buying this, it is nice and I will use it up but if your not desperate then maybe wait for the other drugstore spot fighting foundations to be released as they inevitably will!
Lovely Packaging
Quite big shade range
Nice Natural Finish
Does not cake
Can be built up
Does not clog pores
Reduces blemishes
Lasting power is poor
Can't apply with fingers
Transfers badly
Not a full coverage
A little patchy over time
You can purchase this here for £6.99
Have you tried this, what did you think?
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