Saturday, 29 June 2013

Free Body Shop Lip Balm! - Bargain of the Week!

I was reading through my blog list the other day before I went shopping with my friend and saw Maxi at the Lipstick Blog's post on a voucher for a free lip balm from the Body Shop and of course I signed up on the discount voucher website and hop footed it down to the Body Shop for my freebie, yay!
I was a bit worried before I went in that they would have some complaint with my voucher but no, the lovely assistant in there just looked at my voucher and said there over there, just take whichever flavour you like!
I don't have very many products from the Body Shop so it's good to try some more out and of course I will be reviewing my freebie!
Thank you so much to Maxi and definitely go and check her blog out, it's rather lovely!
The link for the voucher is here
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